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4 Ways to Be Healthy!!!

  1. Eat organic whole plant based whole foods

Eat greens, fruits, berries, vegetables, onions, mushrooms. seeds, nuts, beans. Dr. Fuhrman Eat to Live and Watch Forks over Knives on Netflix.

  • Dance, S-t-r-e-t-c-h and Move Your Body!     

Exercise is the #1 tool for immunity! Dance makes you smarter and supports your brain. It also encourages the release of endorphins, providing a sense of clarity, focus and tranquility. Stretching exercises have powerful stress-busting abilities. Moving in the morning can jump-start the mind and body. Stretching loosens tight muscles helps muscles relax, increases blood flow, improves posture & flexibility, enhances stamina, reduces injury, inflammation & soreness, improves athletic performance, & increases energy levels.   Exercise extends your life by 7 minutes every time you exercise.

  •  Sleep and Quiet time

Get rest, relaxation and good sleep every day.  And, every day spend quiet time and connect in your heart with the inner, deeper you. Rest and quiet time is one of the simplest and most effective things to do to alleviate stress, rebalance and recharge your health and well-being. Listen to the quiet voice and what you know in your heart. Enjoy connecting with nature and listening to the birds!

   4.  Loving and Healthy Relationships

Human beings are innately designed to be social. Your physical and emotional health is directly related to how social you are and the quality of your relationships. It I s a known fact that quality and healthy relationships extend human life. Enjoy your connections to family and friends & bonding with others in healthy ways which also contributes to a healthy you!

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