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Essentrics: Classical Stretch

Having had pancake flat feet all my life and taking part in physical therapy as an adult, I learned that when the muscles in my legs were tight, it hindered my mobility. It is true I was shown and provided handouts on how to stretch my muscles, but admittedly, I did not perform the exercises consistently or always recall the correct way them. I am a show me person and that remains my learning style. 

Having participated in Classical Stretch classes for almost a year, the instructor has been able to demonstrate with me many techniques as to how to stretch the very muscles in my legs and feet to maintain my mobility. Attending a single class made me very aware of what I could no longer do with my body. Reaching out to local

healthcare providers as to how to resolve some of my pain and discomfort from my bodily issues, no real solutions were provided, but by being gently encouraged by my instructor at the end of each class to appreciate our own personal and patient allows me to bear witness to my own personal transformation.

This well documented and researched program of stretching has unquestionably improved the quality of my life. Of course I have made the efforts in the past to become a full participant in various exercise classes like water aerobics, Zumba, yoga, having a personal trainer, and Tai Chi. For a variety of reasons they are no longer appropriate for me in my life right now. For some I sustained injuries, a couple I became nauseous, or had other setbacks. Knowing that I had been fairly flexible in my body in the past, I wished to improve my physical well-being. After one class I had to admit I had

not done what was necessary to sustain my range of motion and always had to have canes available to fall back on. Apparently, others noted that I had begun to walk bent over as if I was a typical elderly person. One person demanded I stand up straight

and correct that bad habit, which has now been abated by performing specific stretches which were practiced twice a week over this year. Now I am much more conscientious about my posture and being in balance as if pulled by a string above me

and holding my stomach in. Naturally, observing a class, it could be determined as the minimum exercise, but having experienced it over time I can reassure anyone interested that it is impactful.

With a renewed personal commitment to take responsibility for my own well-being, Classical Stretch has allowed me to recover quicker from any injuries and regained my flexibility. In fact recent friends visiting me from out of state after a little over a year

readily voiced how much more well defined my body was at 68 years old. The only change I have made was taking Classical Stretch twice a week this past year.