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What is your success story?

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In my new book,  Dancing with your story from the inside out, I talk about the fact that we all have stories.  We have stories about all aspects of ourt lives and about ourselves. Some stories help us, teach us, strengthen us, and support us.  Other stories hurt, stop our dance, and impede our movement forward.  Here is an opportunity to sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself:  What is my story about my success?  Success has many different meanings so apply the one that is most applicable to you.  Let you hand do the thinking and the writing.  When you are finished read it out loud to yourself.  What do you see about you in your story?  Do you like your story of success or would  you like to change it?  If you want to change it, you can do so by creating a new story.

When you are completing this exercise, try to do it quickly without your logical brain and linear thinking.  Let your words and thoughts flow. Write them as soon as they come to you.  Don’t criticize or judge yourself or your words!

Here  are 4 steps to follow to create a new story of success:

How can I get out of my own way to achieve my goals?

What do I need to do to accomplish my success goals?

My priority goal is…….

My new story about accomplishing this goal of success is……………………


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