Stories can hide the truth and stories can seek the truth!!

As human beings, we live in the world of story.  Stories are designed to intrigue the listener. Stories  take many forms such as a tale, song, movie, novel, poem, and drama.  Stories can be fictitious or true.  There are stories of medicine, the story of  life; a report or account, a circumstance; or an allegation. Stories are born and come alive in family legacies, conversation, folklore, fairytales, books, dance, novels, myths, movies and visual art.

Stories are everywhere and we see and hear them all of the time.  What is your favorite story?  What is the most outrageous story you have heard lately?  What is the story you talk about the most?

We can be honest or dishonest about our stories. Being honest about our stories includes being honest about the interpretation of them. We all have our own perception and perspective, of how things happened.  The truth is something happened.  Leave it at that anything else is our story about it.

A woman came to one of my Dancing with your story from the inside out workshops.  Her story was about her husband’s death and her step-children not coming to see him. We did some activities such writing and drawing about the truth of the situation.  At the end of the workshop, she realized that the truth was her husband passed away, and his children did not show up at the time of his death.  She left the workshop free of her story and ready to live her life without it!


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