Move. Your health and life depend on it!

Exercise Best Anti Aging MedicineWhy exercise when what you eat has a greater influence on your body weight?

Movement in your life is  important, your life depends on it,  according to an article written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD.The reason for exercise goes beyond expending a few calories.  Unless of course, you are a professional athlete.  Research evidence has emerged in the past few years shows that in addition to reducing our risk of chronic disease, moderate to vigorous exercise may also slow the aging process at the DNA level.

What are the latest research findings?  One area of this research centers on telomeres.  Telomeres are the tips or caps at the ends of our chromosomes and are sequences of non-coding DNA.  Telomeres play a critical role in human health.

Shorter telomeres are linked to hypertension cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, type two diabetes, osteoporosis, oxidative stress and obesity.  Lower levels of physical activity contributes to these conditions, and maintenance of telomere length may be one link between exercise, disease prevention and longevity.


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