Can you overcome your bad habits and create new ones in a minimum of 21 days??

As a provisional psychologist, I have learned that it  takes a minimum of three weeks to change or create a new habit.  When I was in my thirties, I quit smoking.  It was difficult at the time and after several failures and attempts, I finally did it!  How did I do it?

I replaced a bad habit with good one.  I joined a gym and began working out.  I began to enjoy my own breathing process.  I would take deep breaths and think that I was inhaling fresh air instead of smoke!  I just quit.  If I wanted a cigarette,  I would think about going through all the steps in my quitting smoking journey to get to where I was.  I was proud that I did not smoke for three weeks and then four weeks.  I would even have dreams that I started smoking again and wake up disappointed with myself.  I never started again and finally quit forever!

My answer  was not feeling deprived, I added something healthy instead and created a new habit!  So, if your challenges are that you do not have the discipline, will power, strength within yourself to move and exercise  everyday, think about replacing your old habit of sitting around or what ever it is with movement, exercise, dancing, classical stretch for a minimum of 21 days!!

How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? (Backed by Science)

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