Aging Well!

Aging well is about how you feel every day. Do you have plenty of energy? Are you flexible and pain-free?  I attended an Essentrics/ Aging Backwards program workshop as part of my training and discovered that everyone in the room had pain.  And, interestingly enough, it included all ages from 19 -60!

Did you know that after age 40 the hard truth is that two things will begin to happen, especially  if you do not take care of yourself.  These two things are cell death and muscle atrophy.  These natural processes occur but are not inevitable because we do have ways to fight back and these ways are are not difficult, if we choose to do them!  If you learn what is happing within the cells, we can understand how to stop and reverse the process.    You can literally reverse the clock!

Many scientists are now saying that the mitochondrial function is the true key to unlock the mystery of aging and it is the decrease in the number and the health of our mitochondria that determines how aging affects our health.  Do you know where most mitochondria are?  Yes, in our muscles!  It is the mitochondria that communicates with our cells’ telomeres and tells them whether they should shorten and hasten the aging process or not shorten and help slow down the aging process.   And what has been proven to protect our telomeres, prevent mitochondria loss, and stop cell death, effects that can lengthen our life span and improve the quality of our lives as we grow older is EXERCISE!

Making new choices today can improve your posture, increase energy,  with the essentrics program and you can truly begin reversing the clock!

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