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What is Essentrics and Classical Stretch?

Essentrics is a strengthening program that tones the muscles in lengthened positions not short positions as do most fitness programs. The muscles lengthen by pulling the joints into elongated positions at the same time as being strengthened. The simultaneous lengthening and strengthen is what increases the flexibility of the muscles.

When the muscles are tones with a flexed joint such as a bicep curl, the bicep muscle will shorten as it strengthens. However, if we strengthen our arm with the elbow straight, the bicep will stretch, lengthen and strengthen at the same time. Lengthening the muscles while being toned increases their flexibility. Ballet dancers’ training is long lean muscles and perfect posture. Effective stretching is actually strengthening, stretching lengthens the muscles and strengthening shortens, however, when these movements are combined, you get both longer and stronger muscles.

Essentrics matches the training of a ballet dancer in an easy to follow program that benefits the health, and well-being of everyone. Essentrics is a reinvention of the concept of stretching. You are invited to look at flexibility as strengthening instead of a conditioned  view of these two concepts as polar opposites!

Classical Stretch identifies the Essentrics program intended to reflect the pure lines in classical architecture and painting which are the same pure classic lines achieved with the Classical Stretch body. Ballet dance is the movement of pure lines in space. This program combines classical lines as it strengthens, lengthens and rebalances the entire body. As a result, clients recognize changes in the length and shape of the muscles,  increase mobility, flexibility and balance, and many lose a pants size.

Please contact Arielle to schedule a 1 hour free introductory Essentrics program at 813-545-7173 or Email agbeautifuldance@gmail.com Website: www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com.

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