Dance into 2015 with your creativity !

The gift of creativity takes you beyond yourself and your normal way of being.

The benefits of creative expression
Through my own creative expression, I have healed old wounds with catharses of heart. I have expressed myself in ways that satisfied and transformed me and my life experiences. Seeing life through the lens of creativity is a unique experience. Thinking about a topic and drawing about it is an interesting and revealing concept. When I am feeling down and I dance, the dance exuberates and enlivens my body, heart and soul. Thoughts and feelings are integrated and whatever I was upset about is either no longer bothering me, found a solution or I let it go. Dancing takes me out of myself, I dance to the music and become one with it. Dance touches my heart and soul and empowers my depths of being alive. I enjoy the freedom and victory of self-expression.
Expressing yourself through creativity can being renewal and regeneration whether it is with dance, movement, music and choreography, visual arts, writing, cooking, making, building and living. Creativeness can transform our painful reactions to situations, and help us to heal from traumatic life experiences. Creativity gives us a renewed strength and offers a unique way to give voice to difficult thoughts and feelings.
Enjoying the creative process inspires and remodels our inner reality, our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Our view of the world shifts in a subtle way. As we take pleasure in looking at a painting, the painting becomes alive as the viewer puts himself or herself into what is real in the moment. Paintings reflect a story in one’s life, imitate and mimic reality, or can be an aesthetic experience that inspires and enlivens.
Creating and being creative is a natural impulse as human beings. Self-expression through creativity is an opportunity to gain deeper insights and understanding within ourselves,. We get to feel our feelings and think our thoughts. We get to see new aspects within ourselves, our lives and others. A new awareness gets to have form, a voice, a structure and a constructive expression for our inner and outer harmony, chaos and conflict.
In her article “Giving Life to Carl Rogers theory of Creativity” Natalie Rogers writes that “using the expressive arts gives people a safe place to explore their shadow side…The shadow is the part we have repressed in our lives. Some people have denied their anger and rage for a lifetime.”Referring to expressive arts therapy, she says “The creative process is life force energy. If offers a safe, empathic, non-judgmental environment, and a transformative process for constructive change…Using movement, sound, color and drama offer opportunities to first become aware of one’s shadow, and then to explore it fully through many media.”
As human beings we have natural propensity and love of beauty. Throughout history, we have followed and appreciated the great greats of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the Renaissance, and the Egyptian Pyramids. As human beings, we have reacted in sodden in awe. Honor the love of aesthetics and the transformational process of creativity, art and self-expression. Let these powerful ways heal human consciousness on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
Enjoy doodling, scribbling, painting, dancing, baking, cooking, building, a new project, experimenting and living creatively from the inside out!
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