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Have you considered rewriting your holiday story?

Arielle Giordano
We all have stories to tell about our holidays as a child and growing up. Do you remember the toys, baking cookies waiting for friends and family to arrive to celebrate together? Or, you may remember having no one to celebrate the holidays with and not receiving any gifts or not feeling well? Whatever our memories tell us and whatever our story is we can rewrite it!
How can we rewrite old memories that we just want to forget and never think about again. We can resist them. Resistance brings persistence. In other words, the more we avoid what we don’t want, the more it shows up in our lives.
Being okay with the way you are thinking and feeling about your story about past holidays is the first step. When your are okay with everything exactly the way it is- your body begins to relax. You begin to relieve stress, breathe and let go, you flow like a leaf in the wind. Have you ever been in an argument with someone and as soon as you say okay, you are right or okay, I am wrong, you begin to experience a sense of freedom from not being in the argument. Your body responds to not being in an argument as well.
What is your story about the holiday season? What comes up for you during this time of year? The holidays are the most stressful time of year, energy levels are at an all time high, problems are exacerbated, and of course family issues surmount.
Realizing that you have a story about a life event is powerful because then you can change it. Be honest with yourself. As much as you would like to believe your story, know that you created it. Yes the life event happened, but you wrote the story about it. You get to choose powerfully to let go of your story or rewrite it.
Rewriting your story and applying art, creativity and self-expression is a transformational process that can heal human consciousness on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
Here are some suggestions to let go of old stories and create new ones during the holiday season:
Be okay with everything and everyone including yourself
Do the things that you love and enjoy the most such as: doodling, scribbling, painting, dancing, baking, cooking, building, creating a new project, experimenting and the freedom to be!
Play your favorite music , sing and dance like no one is watching, be creative and have fun!

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