The Melody of Music and Dance

My interpretation of music and dance is the yin and yang experience. Consider music the yang the positive force and charge that sparks and inspires the deep in dance to move. These deep within us is the darkness and void. Dance can be an expression in form of that which is formless and not in physical form.

As I listen to music, it touches me in different ways. Sometimes, It touches my emotional pain or joy, I may cry or get inspired to create and choreograph a new dance. Other times, the music touches my soul as if it is nurturing me. Music touches my soul and opens a passion in me that inspires dance. The union of music and dance become one in the harmony and melody of that which they both create.

Music is the expression of dance and dance is the expression of music. Both become one in the harmony of their melody.

As I dance and listen to the music, the music touches my heart and soul. This touch speaks to me. This voice opens me up to create and choreograph a dance. In this, I give the formless within me, form through dance. The music lights my fire!! This fire sparks my creativity. This creativity is the fire within that inspires and forms a dance.

Through this process, I am one with music and dance and my creative expression.

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