Are you Sticking to your Story?

Are you sticking to your story?
Arielle Giordano
When life happens, we interpret it in our own unique way. If the same situation happens to several people, will they all interpret it in the same way? When life happens, we see it through our own eyes in our own way. It is so automatic that sometimes we are not even aware that we are doing it. It is just our world and the way we see becomes our reality.
This reality becomes our life and our life becomes our story. Our reality is the story of our life and our life is the reality of our story. Life is the story of our experiences, interpretations perspectives and perceptions of our experiences. We believe our stories and then create a life that endorses and reinforces them. If we have a story about men or women, and we strongly believe it to be true, we will attract people that fit our belief. Have you ever wondered why the same people have been showing up in your life?
In my life, my father passed away when I was thirteen years old. My interpretation of this experience could be that men leave or abandon me. This is not a true statement. But if I believe it to be true, it becomes my reality. My reality becomes my truth and I live my life by this truth. It becomes real to me. I create a life to endorse this belief. The result is that men that I attract in my life leave or abandon me.
What is one of your life experiences? What is your interpretation of this experience? What is the life that you create from your story?
Four Ways to become aware of your story:
1) Identify a life experience

2) What is your interpretation of this experience?

3) Tell the story you create from the interpretation of this experience.

4) What do see you create in your life based upon your story?

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