Creating Who you are Through Dance

Every day we move, we dream, we think, and we change. We are not the same person as when we were a child or a teenager. As each year passes, we choose to participate in our growth and development or not.

We have the opportunity to become anew with each moment that we live.

Being present and in our bodies is one way to facilitate our awareness and growth. Moving creates energy in our bodies. The movement of energy created shifts and new physical and mental patterns. When we move in new ways, our brains create neural pathways and our bodies create new patterns as well. When we watch someone perform a new dance, our brains recreate the same neural passages as the person performing the action. This applies to all skills.

When we dance, we focus on being in our bodies. We are present in a sensory, mental and physical way. We are looking, listening, moving and tasting something new as we begin to move in new ways. We are also thinking about the instructions or the right way to do a certain step. The secret is to relax our minds and just be present in the movement and in our bodies. Relax and enjoy the movement of being free to move in new ways while having fun!

In creating your own dance, you are flowing with your own inspirations from within you. You do not have to know where or why or when these inspirations are moving in you- just allow yourself to move with them. This type of movement and dance is an opportunity for you to express the touches of your heart in a soulful way.

This is the spiritual component of dance as you become and dance from the inside out! In expressing yourself in new ways, you become someone new. You learn something new about who are and grow in the process.

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