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Unlock Your Creativity!

5 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

We are all creative beings.  Some of us may have greater talents at expressing our creativity than others. Our creative expression may not be at the level of the great greats, such great artists as daVinci and Michelangelo, but never the less; we possess the ability to create. 

How can we tap into and expand on our creative ability? 

Create a New routine
Get out of your normal routine. Changing your everyday routine can enhance your creativity.
If you like to go to work a certain way, take a different route.  If you are a morning person and enjoy doing your most important tasks in the morning, do it in the evening.

Invite the element of Surprised
Surprise yourself and/or someone else each day.  Do something fun and out of the ordinary for you to do for yourself or someone else.  Do something new and fun each day!
Recharge Time Management
Improving you ability to maintain and manage your time can enhance your creative talents and ability.
Set aside a specific time for your creative time reduces stress and allows a space for your ideas to thrive and blossom.
Embrace Conflict
Embracing arguments and challenging others with different convictions sparks a d can lead to innovative and new ideas. In resolving the issue, you will be forced to find a solution and think outside of the box. Recognize the potential of the pressure to make sense of contradictions, instead of being stressed out about it.

Don’t Fear Background Noise
Research has found that a bit of noise can stimulate and enhance creativity. In order to promote divergent and abstract thinking, you need just the right amount of distraction, like quiet office music or in a café.

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