Let the Dance of Creativity Begin…

Let The Dance of Creativity Begin…
Let the dance of creativity and conscious awareness and flow and move together. Step, shift and move in a graceful way to the rhythms of the heart an let the dance begin!

Arielle Giordano
Creativity means to create and to cause to come into existence, to form out of nothing and to make something new, to originate.
Consciousness means the state of being conscious in the awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
Raising one’s consciousness is to increase one’s awareness and understanding of one’s own needs, behavior, attitudes

Being means the fact of existing; a state of existence

Being creative means existing in the state of creativity. Letting creativity flow from within and come into form in a dance, painting, a story an invention, sculpture, etc
It is knowing that creativity is our true nature. Expressing oneself in a creative way, allows for our true nature to be expressed. WE must first unblock and unlock its doors. This only comes with your agreement and permission. You must agree to clear and unblock and unlock the flood gates of your own inner creativity that exist naturally within you.

Creativity already exists it is just a matter of connecting to and with it. The body and mind exist as part of you and so does the creative energy. As creative beings we naturally have the ability to create. We only need to be aware creativity exists within and connect to tit Our connections and awareness of the creative powers that lie within may be expressed in a different way but all comes from the same source..

How do I unlock or unblock my creativity and creative powers within me? As children, we were naturally creative. We played with abandon without fear without judgment of ourselves or others. We lived a creative life. We were free to be our true selves our true nature. As we grew older and experienced life, we also experienced the pain of life. In our pain, we put barriers and walls up to protect ourselves from more pain. But in doing so, we blocked not only ourselves but also our creativity and expressive playful nature. We did not want to be vulnerable any more. So we gave it all up and closed all up in the process. Unblocking and unlocking creativity begins with the awareness and knowing that you are blocked and locked in the creative process. .The first step is allowing yourself to connect within to the deeper part of you. How do you connect with the deeper part of you? The answer is simple. All you need to do is to be aware that it exists and then you are there. Let your consciousness expand in the knowing that you can go within and you can connect with your own creativity and flow with the inner, deeper part of you.

Relax and be quiet for 5- 10 minutes every day. ( I prefer the morning- my consciousness is wide opened from sleeping in the deep all night)
Be aware
Listen within to the small voice
Do something fun every day.
Be playful
Do something new or do the same thing in a different way!
Do something that you enjoy
Let yourself be inspired
Give yourself permission to be free!
Open like a blossomed flower

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