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Knowing the Delicate

Last night I had a conversation with someone who told me they were leaving town this weekend. Suddenly I felt a pierce and pan in my heart. I immediately withdrew from the conversation and got very quiet. This patter is my usual when I am in an upset with someone. I need to introspect and discover and ask myself why did this person telling me that he was going away for the weekend bother me.
Did he not consider me in his decision? Does he not understand my feelings? Did he not tell me in a way that I wanted to be told?

After much contemplation, I realized my own delicate vulnerability of heart. Really being with someone requires a delicate openness of heart. In the intimacy of this openness comes vulnerability. In vulnerability lies the possibility of hurt, upset and pain. Being vulnerable is being alive. If we are not fully open with another, we cannot be in the full experience and expression of being together.

Real life requires an openness of heart that is capable and able to fully experience life on all levels and in all ways. Being open and vulnerable means being willing to be intimate with ourselves and others and in our life.

I realized the real reason for being upset. The way communication is delivered can be very different. Sometimes with our realization, we can be harsh in the place we are coming from within.

This experience was an opening for me to know and see the delicate within. The knowledge that deep within ties a pure and delicate little self. This delicateness lives deep within me and although it is not of this world, the delicate must learn to live with and in it.

Love, cherish and honor the delicate and vulnerable within you.

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