Steps to Becoming to Being more in Charge in your Life

I have a few questions for you and then I will share some steps to being more present and take charge in your own life.

Are you a victim or a take charge person?

Do you feel empowered or disempowered in your life?

Would you like to change from being fully present and responsible in your life?

Life brings a cornucopia and variety of choices and experiences. We can relate and identify these as challenges or opportunities. Some experiences we like and some we dislike. Experiences can bring joy and fulfillment or they can bring pain and disappointment.

Interpreting our experiences can be with the freedom of choice. We can choose to perceive life experiences as a negative or positive, as a growth challenge, or choose to deny and ignore it.

Standing in our power means that we are aware of being fully responsible for our choices, experiences and lives. The empowering realization of truth lies in every situation and experience which has an element of goodness within it. Goodness comes in the form of a golden morsel of knowledge and truth.

Being responsible means being empowered in the way we live our lives. We can choose to live as a victim and have pity parties or we can choose to live in the aliveness of knowing that we are responsible
human beings. We are in control of our choices and our lives.

How do we move from the perspective of being a victim or living in our power?

We take baby steps in being responsible human beings. We know what is next for us. We know that we can choose to step into power and move in it. This many mean choosing something that we do not want to see happen or do not agree with or do not like. As empowered human beings, we make choices because we know it is the right and next step for us.
Yes, consequences incur we each choice. Yes, there is also a price we pay for all our choices whether we are aware of it or not. Every choice brings a consequence. We choose and we experience all of our choices and consequences.

How do we dance in being empowered and living life powerfully?
Steps on moving from being a victim to being a responsible and powerful human being:

Be Aware
Know that all of your life challenges, experiences and lessons you created in your life.

Be Responsible
Responsibility lies in the eye of the beholder. Know that you are
responsible for all of your experiences, choices and consequences.

Avoid the blame and shame game at all costs.

Know that there is no one to blame and this is not about feeling shame or playing games. It doesn’t help you anyway when you blame or feel shame. You are just using up valuable time and energy in your life which could be used in more productive ways.

Be proactive instead of reactive

Put yourself into your life instead of just letting life happen. Become an active part of your life. Do something each day to achieve a goal, solve a problem or resolve and issue etc.

Experience the power of you
Know that you are a powerful being. It is up to you to be in a power
balance. You do not want to abuse your power nor do you want to ignore it. Find your inner balance of power and choose to move forward in it.

Move Forward

Take steps each day toward letting go of your life as a victim and move forward in choosing powerfully. You don’t have to stay stuck in the same place unless you choose to do so. You do have a choice to take a step forward or stay where you are.

Love and enjoy living in the power of you!

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