The Dance of the Sun and the Moon

In their dance of light, the sun and the moon offer their gifts. The birth of day and the darkness of night, light, and heat, and the cycles of rhythm and flow create a cosmic harmony throughout the sky. Sky spirits come and greet the dark universe. The spirits
touch the blackness with a sparkle of light. And with it appears a full spectrum of color.

The spirits fill the space of each color as it paints the universe. The highest point in creation comes alive and becomes the eternal sky.

Imagine in the deepest darkness within you, there is a sun and a moon. The sun represents the conscious mind and the moon represents the subconscious mind. A quiet aloneness sets the deepest aspects of the conscious and ubconscious mind free.. Listen through the voice of the conscious mind in calm and quiet aloneness. This lets the subconscious mind open up. A gentled aloneness facilitates the opening and piercing by what is in the subconscious mind. You are now able to relate deeply to something that you may or may not understand. Being and absorbing this information
without doing. Let the sun and the conscious mind dance together and the moon and the subconscious mind dance together. Let the sun and the moon dance in the eternal sky of the stars.

You can dance more with the sun and moon by stepping into the following:
(1) Bathe in the sun within – allow yourself to be in your conscious mind.
(2)Bathe in the moon within- be aware of deep inner messages and dreams
(3)Let a tranquil heart be touched and acted upon by the sun and the moon- Relax
And finally…
Write in your thoughts, feelings, inner conversations and dreams in a journal for reflection.

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