Gratitude does not ask for more, Gratitude only gives more

Recently I had an eye opening experience regarding a new relationship. Being in a new relationship triggers new experiences. I began to see the depths of allowing myself to really be with someone. Seeing the real meaning of gratitude in being with another person no matter what experience, thought, fear, reaction, response or feeling they triggered inside me.
I got a taste of the true meaning of gratitude.

When moving in a space of gratitude, we are always giving thanks for what is present in each moment. Sometimes the moments are pleasant and sometimes the moments are not so pleasant.

Being grateful means, to enjoy each moment without a judgment, belief, interpretation, opinion, or our perceptions and assumptions about it. It exists without personal clutter. Clutter can be in the form of “our baggage” as contribution and input. The truth is to just let it be.

In letting it be, we get to totally be free to be in it. We allow ourselves to be in the moment. We get to see. We get to appreciate each moment being free to be in it. We enjoy gratitude, living in the freedom of being grateful for each moment.

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