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Are You Ready To Do Your Spring House Cleaning?

The spring time is often associated with spring cleaning. This implies getting rid of the old crusty things we have been keeping during the winter months. Maybe this theory began from the bears gathering food for the winter months. There is another type of house cleaning the “house” referring to you.

Have you ever looked at yourself as a house? Have you ever dreamed of a house?

Did you know that the dream had unconscious messages about you in it? Personal experiences and dreams I have recognized as the real meaning of the house dream with all its rooms was referring to me.

Self housecleaning and clearing is taking a look and see what is actually in your space right now. Give yourself permission to see. Let it happen. Allow it. You may have past clutter from experiences, relationships, career, family etc. Take a look. What do you see? What is the first thing that comes up for you? Let your little, inner, quiet voice have the forum to speak to you. Listen with big ears.

What do you see? What do you hear? Pay attention to what you are seeing and hearing from deep within you. What do you need to clear and clean up? Is it with a person? Are you having an issue with a personal or professional relationship? What is an issue at work? What is an issue between you and your family? What is in your past? What is in your present?

Steps to clear and clean up where you are right now:

Become aware.

Awareness of the issue or conflict, hurt, or unresolved is the first step. Knowing what is in your space.

Clean it up.
This means speaking directly to the person to determine and resolve the issue. This could mean an apology, recognition of a mistake, or, working out an argument. Indirectly a resolution of an issue means to write a letter to an individual, doing a creative activity around the issue, self-expression or physical activity such as dance or walking or a work-out, or gaining insight and deeper understanding about the issue to let it go.
When we remove what is in our space, we have a clean clear space to move forward in something new.

Move Forward.

This allows the opportunity to become someone new and =move forward with ourselves and our life.

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