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Celebrate You…All of You! Workshop

CELEBRATE YOU…ALL of YOU! (Including your Curves)
April 26, 2012
Panera Bread
2285 Ulmerton Road Clearwater, FL 33762
Cost: $10.00 per person

Celebrating You….All of You! Workshop

Now is the time to let the world see the real you—allow your true self to shine!

It is the time for you to take time for yourself to discover and celebrate the real you with the world. In this workshop, Celebrating You…All of You! you will learn tools and ways to bring forth their inner power through movement and positive affirmations.

Celebrate You…Let your True Self Shine

Teresa Morrow, inspirational writer & authorTeresa Morrow presents strategies to empower individuals about embracing their inner power to achieve their true life purpose. You will be invited to join in an interactive session where she will communicate the importance of affirming your true self instead of shying away from it. She will share her life journey to include the recent discovery of her true life purpose and the lessons she learned along the way.

Teresa will share ideas and tools how you can:

  • Recognize your true life purpose
  • Make time for activities that feed your soul
  • Discover ways you can remind yourself to embrace your true self
  • Let go of negative emotions and invite the positive ones

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    Dancing from the Inside Out: Celebrate Your Curves

    Arielle gives you reason to celebrate yourself as a women and your feminine spirit. In ancient times, woman gathered and danced in honor of the divine feminine grace and wisdom. Dancing to the heartbeat of our unique rhythms, hearts and souls, we dance in harmony with the universe. As we dance into the power of we are, we allow our inner rhythms to harmonize and let grace move and speak to us. Let our bodies become the dance and our dance becomes our prayer, as we move into the beauty of being a woman.

    Arielle will offer strategies and ways to:

  • Celebrate women through creativity
  • Uncover the process of letting go
  • Embrace the grace of the feminine spirit
  • Discover the creative process through movement & art
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