Fall Out of Fear!

Fall is a wonderful season. The weather is cooler and the fall colors are a magnificent nature- painted landscape. It is a time of change. A change of season form summer to fall and a time to let change happen within us! We all have fears and worries about some aspect of life such as a person, relationship, romance, career, finances and health.

As you enjoy watching watch leaf fall, imagine you are releasing a fear. For the only power fear has is the one we give to it! Whatever we feed and give energy to, grows. So, quietly take a deep breath and a moment to renew and let go of a fear.
Let each colorful leaf remind you that it is time to let go a fear that you have been holding on to for too long! You can let it walk with you or beside you, but not hold you so tight that you can no longer breathe.
The only way out is through. You can release and easily walk through you fear! You can go inside to your deepest knowing and know that everything is okay exactly the way it is. You know that your fear is not serving you and you can gently let it go!

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