Let the Dance Within Begin

Be the music within and begin to dance its dance!

Being aware of what you know in your heart is the first dance step with the inner you! Honoring that awareness of knowing is the second step and following is the third step.

I will begin with an example in my own life. Several years ago, I continuously knew to divorce my husband. I sat in this sense of knowing for a long time, about a year. Everything came up inside of me of why I should not divorce him. Fear was the biggest issue. I was afraid of the emotional pain, afraid of being and living alone, finances, afraid to tell him, afraid of what others may think, the list of fears was endless. My biggest fear was that I was afraid of ending my dream of “happily ever after”.

As difficult and painful it was to follow my inner voice and dance within, I did it. I cried for two years, but I knew it was true for me to do. I listened and followed my inner knowing, guidance and truth. When I did this, my next message of inner knowing and guidance spoke to me. I followed it as well. This was the beginning of the awareness that I was able and capable of dancing within myself. Each time I followed my inner guidance and knowing, I know myself in a new and better way. Through this process, I learned to be aware, honor, listen and follow my heart. I learned to dance my dance.

The dance within begins by looking within instead of outside oneself. Focus on letting the inner voice speak to you. Listen carefully for the soft and subtle inner voice. The second step is to honor it. This means to be quiet, focus and listen. Let your inner voice speak to you. The third step is to follow it. Take the necessary steps to follow through and take action. The voice may also speak and guide you in a way of no action. Just listen and follow. Be okay with its message.

Be aware of being in your heart, honoring this awareness with diligence. Diligence is a focus of reference and respect. Listen to the soft, sweet and gentle message of the inner voice. Dancing within oneself means following this subtle voice within. It also means taking the action/s to follow the loveliness of its message.

Dance is the healing art from within the beginning of time
The dance of life
The unspoken truth
The day of old and the time of youth
The sacred spiral does turn and spin
As the soul awakens the spirit within

Arielle Giordano

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