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April Belly Dance 50% Workshops

3 “Belly Dance Party” classes for $60, valued at $40 at Starlight Dance Studio
Get out of your head and into our beautiful body with Belly Dancing!
April 9. 16. 23
Time: 2-3:30pm
Feel sexier energized more alive and happier with Belly Dancing! Each workshop offers a warm-up, isolations, shimmies, choreography and a cool down
This 90 minute workshop is an opportunity to discover, uncover and rediscover aspects of who you are and who you have forgotten. There are opportunities for you to engage in your own process of self-discovery through creative experiences and expressions. Movement gives our physical cellular level, mental, emotional, and soul levels permission to open up. As we move in and with our bodies, change happens. Our bodies become free to express as we get more energized in the process! We harmonize with our inner rhythms and flow. This is the healing aspect of dance and movement as we begin to dance from the inside out!

To register call 813-545-7173, email agbeautifuldancegmail.com or dancingwithin.com

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