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4 Things that Can Interrupt the Body

Body intelligence is a powerful source to ignore. Our body is self-healing if we allow it to heal! A doctor once told me that body knowledge supersedes all outside advice and sources!! Why do we not listen to it?

Every day, we are bombarded with new and old information regarding our health and well-being. How do we know what and who to listen to? That all begins with listening to our own bodies of knowledge within us. Our own best advice is to be quiet, reflect, focus, listen to our inner knowing and guidance and take action.

Listen to your Body Messages.

Not listening to its messages can slow down the natural healing process. For example, your body telling you to rest and you do not listen to it. The body knows exactly when it needs rest. All you need to do is heed its advice and listen to it! Be quiet, listen to your body and take action.

Choose Organic

Buy nutrient rich food, preferably organic to avoid added and systemic toxins. When you are shopping in the grocery store, let your inner guidance and attraction guide you to the color of fruits and vegetables and freshness and aliveness to a particular food or food group. You may find yourself standing in front of a fruit or vegetable counter and not know why. Be quiet, listen to your body and take action.

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities are common today because of the overabundance and production of wheat, soy, corn, dairy etc. Several of these foods are genetically modified as well. If you find yourself tired after eating a food, try avoiding that food and see how you feel physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally. Be quiet, listen to your body and take action.

Are you Ready and Willing to Heal?
Deep within the dark caverns of our subconscious minds, may be the truthful fact, that we really do not want to get better. How does it serve you? What does it serve? There may be many rewards received from being sick. For example, being sick may be a good excuse to not fulfill our responsibilities or go to work. Be honest with yourself. Explore your reasons why you may not want to heal. It may be more psychological than physical.

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