Listen to your body and Let it Heal Itself

I had an amazing lesson in listening to my body. After going to an alternative medicine professional to lose weight, I followed the eating protocol for a few weeks. Recommendations included dairy products and animal protein. Since I do not eat red meat, I ate the dairy instead.

Several weeks in this program, I got a head cold with lots of mucous and congestion. Then, I realized that the dairy that I was eating on this new diet was causing mucous in my body. I immediately stopped eating dairy products except for a small amount in my daily coffee. I also took natural remedies and products. I feel better as a result.

I have known for years that dairy products causes mucous in my body. However, I choose to follow this new diet instead of listening to what I already knew.

The lesson for me was to return to listening to what I already knew was true for me. My body has a low tolerance for dairy products and mucous production.

There really is body intelligence. I am learning to follow it! Body knowledge and wisdom allows the body to heal itself. The body has its own natural healing abilities. Just let it happen.

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