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Get Out of Your Own Way!

Have you ever had a problem and wondered why you could not solve it? The problem continues and nothing changes. Have you changed or created anything different in your life or with this problem or issue? Are you stuck on the outcome being a certain way?

A problem is like a mathematical equation. If A = B = C. C is your life as it is now. If we do not change A or B “C’” remains the same. The reality is that unless we take charge, get control and empower ourselves to do something differently, everything remains the same.

The realization is to get out of our own way. This means to step out of our box and look at the situation through new eyes. This means not talking or describing the problem or issue in the same way. When we give ourselves permission to be something new within our problem or issue, we step into something new possibilities for the solution.

The challenge arises when we only see “it our way”. How can we see things differently? Letting go and having the willingness to be open to the new within ourselves is the first step to change. In this new space within ourselves, we begin to change and see things in a new way. We begin to see our life and situation with new glasses and from a new perspective. In this newness, the solution arises for us to see and embrace!

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