Whose Shoes are you Wearing?

I found myself talking about another person, when suddenly I asked the magic question how do I really know how that person feels or thinks?” Am I that person? We all remember the saying “you don’t know someone or their situation unless you actually walk in their moccasins”.
So, I did. I imagined dancing in someone else’s shoes. I stepped into what it would be like to have their feelings and thoughts and to live in their world. As soon as I did this, everything changed. I began to see things from their perspective and not from my own. It was a different way of seeing outside of the realm of me.
What made the difference is walking over the gap of separation. Separation is the illusion that the person I am looking at is separate from me. The truth is the oneness of all creation. In seeing another, we see their perspective. Can this be a new aspect of my own reality?
The gap creates a bridge into the truth that knows the interconnectedness of all living things. This interconnectedness brings us to the possibility of feeling compassion for another person. When we open our hearts, we open the door to the willingness to step into their shoes on all levels. We graciously accept all their pain, sorrow and misery willingly.
Next time you are upset with another’s perspective or do not agree with someone, ask yourself “Are you willing to step into their shoes?”

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