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Looking Into the Faces of Me

Looking into the faces of me
How many faces do I see?
When I look in the mirror, I see?
Every day there is a new version of me!

Have you ever looked at yourself as the observer? Being the observer of oneself is an interesting experience. You get to see yourself in another perspective. This viewpoint is through your eyes only. We still are incapable of seeing ourselves as other do because we are not ‘the others”!

Have you ever seen all the different people there are in you? Looking and seeing different aspects of myself provides me with an opportunity to see myself in many ways. Looking and observing oneself through your own eyes allows us to see in a different way. I observe my challenges within myself especially in decision-making. When I want something, I get something else instead. I finally figured out that yes, there is one part of me that is open and willing to receive. However, there is also another part of me is closed and does not. This is my conclusion over the years of asking myself, why am I not achieving my goal or getting what I want.

Every day ,we change and grow and become someone new. We as humans are complex beings. We are constantly growing and changing. This is a result of our being something new and different. Our beingness manifests in how we look, how we see ourselves, in our perceptions and inner knowing. Looking in the mirror is observing a new subtle part within that manifests on the outside. Our choices, decisions, experiences goals and success, failures, and relationships all depend on how we see ourselves and what we are being in the moment.

Our moving forward is when all parts of us agrees to move ahead. We can ask ourselves, how were we able to make that decision and successfully move forward? In my personal process, I bring all parts of me to the table- I then am able to move gracefully forward and make my best choice. I have the clarity and knowledge and the awareness of the all of me to see the bigger picture and move ahead.
When we are aware and know we learn the ability of moving forward within ourselves for our next situation or life circumstance. We grow and become who we are through our choices, decision and our experiences.

Looking back on our lives, we can see our evolution as persons on many levels and in many ways. We can observe what has worked and not worked for us in the past. Wisdom and knowledge is what moves us forward. This grace allows us to dance with ourselves in a new way!!

Do you wonder why a particular resolution to a problem or experience is not happening? Sit down and write about it, talk about it to a trusted friend and have a meeting with all parts of you. Bring all parts of yourself to the table for a round table discussion!!

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