The Meaning of Movement

Movement means connecting with the life force of motion in consciousness. We are moving beings as well as being of stillness. Once we incorporate movement into our lives, we attune ourselves to a higher knowing and ability. Each time we move everything moves with us. Each time we move, everything changes in the movement and moves into something new.

While teaching a dance class, I felt movement on a cellular level. My physical, emotional, and mental bodies were aware that these aspects of me were moving. Permission and intention allow conscious awareness to open. We give ourselves permission to be and see within us. A conscious effort and intention sets the stage for a shift, change or movement to occur. Our life is the result of our giving permission for our choices to manifest and become real.

After this class, I felt a renewal and a shift in my physical, emotional and mental levels. Transformation happened through the movement and dance. Listening to the music touches me in different ways the combination of music and moving my body in dance heal in powerful ways heal in powerful ways.
These shifts in our physical, emotional and mental states are a result of a shift in consciousness. These shifts in consciousness happen with our permission and intention. For example, when I dance, I move into a place of deep enjoyment. My enjoyment of the music and dance opens my heart to let the expression of enjoyment move through all of me. Through this enjoyment, allows healing. This healing allows a shift in conscious awareness. This shift is an opening to be and see something anew.

The body is the portal to the heart and the heart is the opening for higher consciousness and awareness of being.

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