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3 stories of how dancing changed my life

Greetings! I would like to start off by sharing some stories of how dancing really changed my life and it can show you why I love the work I do.

A gloomy day in Canada!
Dance and movement impsire me to feel better to move to new levels and new awareness within my body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit! Dancing has always brought me to a new place inside. If I am tired, I feel more energized after I move andn dace. I am in a bad mood,unhappy, depressed or just don’t feel like moving after I dance I feel bettrer. When I move my body everything moves. Each cell, muscle, emotion, feeling, bone, and gland move swith me.

A snowy day In Canada
, I was scheduled to teach a dance class at the University of Alberta. There I was freezing cold as I walked through the beautiful grounds. As I listened to the birds, the Magpies, along the pathway to the entrance of the building I did not feel like teaching or dancing this morning. I walked in the room and against the wall stood ten students waiting for me. They all stared at me as I put my things down. I put the music in the CD player and at first I remained in my melancholoy mood with no energy or inspiration to dance. As i began my warn up liatening to the music and stretching with simple dance movments, moving into shimmies and choreography without my conscious awareness, I felt better. By the end of the class I was energized and in a great mood!! I was invigorated with more energy and felt like dancing and teaching my next class!

A beautiful day in Florida and an amazing moment of being!!

The past holiday season was a very sad one for me. My brother passed away quite suddenly. I did not feel like listening to music moving, exercising, dancing or really anything. I was overcome with the grief of this great loss. I knew my students were waiting for me to teach classes. But I knew that I was not ready to teach them. I knew that I could not be fully present and engaged and give and offer them all of me. So I waited until the day arrived and I knew that I was ready to teach. This was in February 2010.
As I began to teach my first belly dancing class with a favorite group of women, I began to feel my cells and all levels within me moving. It was an amazing experience to feel and know what the dance and movement was actually doing within my body. Everything that was stored and tucked away with my body from this experience with my brother was now moving.

The moving was allowing me to heal. The dance was my process of healing all levels within me that needed healing. My body, emotions, mind heart soul were shifting as I began to move and dance. I have always known that his was hapopening but this was the first time that I was present and in the experience of that knowing that it was happening at that moment of being.

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