Getting Down to the Bare Bones

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Getting down to the bare bones means diving into the nitty gritty

of ourselves, getting naked and being honest. This is a good time to

take a look at ourselves, our life, relationships, and the past. Honesty

gives us the clarity to see. Clarity gives us the vision to discern

what we know the truth of. Digging deep and getting naked with

ourselves can be a scary process, but it is well worth the pain. Pain

is like a can opener that takes us deeper into who we really are. We

grow and change. Our uniqueness and differences are told in our

stories. What are you telling yourself right now as you are reading

this paragraph? Quickly, write it down. Do not delay! Describe the

ways you procrastinate and put off doing things until tomorrow.


Are you ready to dance from the inside out?

In my last post, Born pink dancing_people_silhouettes_to Dance,

I wrote about  the power of

dance and  body movement

and the  ability to release

old patterns in the body.


Here are some questions to ask yourself:


When I move, what mental patterns, thoughts, feelings, do I experience?


What insights am I aware of after dancing/ moving your body?


How do these patterns/beliefs manifest in my body?  Aches? Pains?


In what ways can I move, to release, let go and heal?

Dance and move and let your body teach and inspire you!


born to dance picAs humans, we were born to dance. Since ancient times, dance has been an important part of our identities.

Thousands of years ago, one tribe member asked another, “What do you dance?”

Dance, which was once our human signature, has now been replaced by images and videos on our Facebook pages as society’s method to define our social identity.

Dance and movement allow us to be aware in our bodies and physically present to shift in new ways. Through these movements, we teach ourselves new patterns and ways to function. On a mental level, dance allows us to release the challenges, stresses, and dramas of our everyday lives and replace them with freeing thoughts. Emotionally, dance helps to create new brain patterns by breaking down old ingrained feelings, and spiritually we get to express ourselves in creative ways.

Through enjoying and relaxing into the body, you can go deeper within your being. You can feel all parts of your body and experience its vulnerability. Being in the body and the expression of it assists in the shifting and healing of physical cellular structures. This movement has the ability to set into action previously unknown and unseen thoughts and feelings. As a result, insights, awareness, and experiences have an opportunity to come into conscious awareness. You begin to dance from the inside out!

Dance is an unspoken universal language of the whole body, and it is an integral aspect of the universal mind. Dance consciousness is the graceful state of being and movement inherent within all sentient beings because it provides an opportunity to express the highest within all forms of existence. As everything in the universe dances, you dance with it. As humans, we flow, we pulse, we harmonize, we integrate. We are dancing beings.

Dance is a form of body language that expresses itself in unique ways through the instrument of the body, which has the ability to open your heart and touch the soul. The body has the awareness to let you see and move into new internal spaces. Set it free to explore your hidden qualities and new ways of experiencing the world.

This universal impulse to move, which we now call “dance,” exists today just as it did millions of years ago. In cultures both past and present, dance has been integrated into ceremonies for weddings, funerals, courting, instruction, storytelling, healing, arousal, amusement, entertainment, exercise, fun, uplifting the spirit, paying homage to gods and goddesses, and seeking and attaining aesthetic beauty that cannot be put into words.

This devotion of dance has transformational powers of transcendence to inspire and awaken the soul and the spirit of your being. It is an invitation into your own body’s awareness to move in time and space and enjoy being in physical form. From here you can explore other areas within yourself, such as how you feel moving a particular body part, what you are thinking, as well as your feelings, stresses, and perspectives. Everything that you have ever experienced is housed within your body. It is the inn/storekeeper for your life, challenges, experiences, joys, and sorrows.

Here five ways you can focus on using dance to heal and help you to look and feel better:

  1. Release Old Patterns:  Dance is in your body. You can become more aware of being in your body, notice that each movement has within it the potential to release hidden thoughts, feelings, insights, and awareness. All people have old crusty patterns that they replay everyday, and those patterns can be moved into conscious awareness and transmuted through dance. You have the ability to become that movement, that expression of your body, and you can use it to discover who you are as a being and uncover your own uniqueness through creative expression. Just take a moment and look around. We live in a moving universe. Everything is in constant motion. From the minute you are born to the moment you die, your cells are moving and dancing within you.
  2. Focus on Posture: Posture is very important in dance. If you watch the television show “Dancing with the Stars,” notice how often you hear the word posture. Here are some tips for improving your stance: stand tall with tummy tucked in and under. If you look at yourself in the mirror you will be straight and your shoulders, hips, and ankles will be in alignment. Shoulders are down and slightly pressed back. Tuck your bottom underneath your spine. Then take a deep breath, belly in, shoulders up and down, and bottom tucked under the spine. Center your body weight in a standing position. Do not lean forward or backward. Warning: You may look 10 pounds lighter with your new posture!
  3. Create Brain Activity: Dancing stimulates brain activity and function, and it can even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Dance prevents Alzheimer’s disease because of the activation and stimulation of the brain cortex and hemisphere called the Action Observation Network. In What Can Dance Teach Us About Learning, by Scott T. Grafton M.D., he points out that we might begin to learn a dance step when someone describes it to us, but we learn it better when we physically perform the steps as we observe and imitate an instructor doing them. You must use your brain to dance and follow the steps. Listen, watch, focus, observe, and consciously process information at the same time you are moving your body and following another’s example. The neurons in your brain imitate an instructor with observation learning when taking a dance lesson, it creates new neural pathways.
  4. Generate Physical Energy: A fun activity such as dance stimulates the body and the endorphins in the brain. This movement creates more overall physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual activity. It is the first step in having more energy, motivation, and focus, which can be directed to successfully complete mental tasks, especially for people who have attention challenges (such as myself). Enjoy the process of you. Give yourself permission to allow your dance to awaken the potential within. Let new elements and qualities express and move through your body. It is not about “getting the moves right.” This is about the expression of you dancing through your body. This is the about your dance, your story, your journey of life. Relax, enjoy, and be free to experience uninhibited movement. Be the flow within you as you dance, and let your dance become your life! Be the flow within you as you dance and let your dance become your life!
  5. Feel Good about Yourself: The more expressive movement allows you to be who you truly are and the more fully present you are in your own unique dance, the better you will look and feel. Feeling good about yourself is rooted within a balance of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies—which are all interconnected with each step you take. As you heal and grow in your inner and outer dance, you begin to glow in our own flow!

As your inner beauty glows, it shows in your body and so does your-self-confidence!!

Arielle Giordano, Masters of Arts, Masters of Education, is an author, professional dancer, inspirational speaker, certified Essentrics/ Aging Backwards instructor, and workshop facilitator. She enjoys sharing her gifts and talents with an authentic style rich in grace in dance, psychology, philosophy and the expressive arts. As a Lead Faculty Area Chairperson and Faculty Member for College of Humanities at the University of Phoenix, she inspired students with her profound knowledge and expertise in Art, Psychology, and Philosophy. She is a published author of Dancing with your story from the inside out! She also writes for Tampa Bay Wellness, We Woman and Transformation Magazines.

Arielle offers classes and workshops on empowering women, creativity, and dance. She offers consultations, private sessions and is a certified instructor in the Essentrics/ Aging Backwards program. Arielle has been a guest speaker on radio and television, featured in newspapers and magazines across the United States and Canada.  Visit or email or call 813-545-7173.



What will you be dancing on National Dance Day July 30th?

This day was launched in 2010 by “So You Think You Can Dance” co-creator and DFF co-president Nigel Lythgoe., National Dance Day is celebrated on the last Saturday in July. This initiative helps to  encourage Americans to embrace dance as a fun and positive way to maintain good health and fight obesity. NDD achieved national recognition when Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), a lproponent of healthy lifestyles, announced at a press conference on July 31, 2010, in Washington, D.C., that she was introducing a congressional resolution and declared the last Saturday in July to be the country’s official NDD.

What is your success story?

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In my new book,  Dancing with your story from the inside out, I talk about the fact that we all have stories.  We have stories about all aspects of ourt lives and about ourselves. Some stories help us, teach us, strengthen us, and support us.  Other stories hurt, stop our dance, and impede our movement forward.  Here is an opportunity to sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself:  What is my story about my success?  Success has many different meanings so apply the one that is most applicable to you.  Let you hand do the thinking and the writing.  When you are finished read it out loud to yourself.  What do you see about you in your story?  Do you like your story of success or would  you like to change it?  If you want to change it, you can do so by creating a new story.

When you are completing this exercise, try to do it quickly without your logical brain and linear thinking.  Let your words and thoughts flow. Write them as soon as they come to you.  Don’t criticize or judge yourself or your words!

Here  are 4 steps to follow to create a new story of success:

How can I get out of my own way to achieve my goals?

What do I need to do to accomplish my success goals?

My priority goal is…….

My new story about accomplishing this goal of success is……………………


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Stories can hide the truth and stories can seek the truth!!

As human beings, we live in the world of story.  Stories are designed to intrigue the listener. Stories  take many forms such as a tale, song, movie, novel, poem, and drama.  Stories can be fictitious or true.  There are stories of medicine, the story of  life; a report or account, a circumstance; or an allegation. Stories are born and come alive in family legacies, conversation, folklore, fairytales, books, dance, novels, myths, movies and visual art.

Stories are everywhere and we see and hear them all of the time.  What is your favorite story?  What is the most outrageous story you have heard lately?  What is the story you talk about the most?

We can be honest or dishonest about our stories. Being honest about our stories includes being honest about the interpretation of them. We all have our own perception and perspective, of how things happened.  The truth is something happened.  Leave it at that anything else is our story about it.

A woman came to one of my Dancing with your story from the inside out workshops.  Her story was about her husband’s death and her step-children not coming to see him. We did some activities such writing and drawing about the truth of the situation.  At the end of the workshop, she realized that the truth was her husband passed away, and his children did not show up at the time of his death.  She left the workshop free of her story and ready to live her life without it!


Move. Your health and life depend on it!

Exercise Best Anti Aging MedicineWhy exercise when what you eat has a greater influence on your body weight?

Movement in your life is  important, your life depends on it,  according to an article written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD.The reason for exercise goes beyond expending a few calories.  Unless of course, you are a professional athlete.  Research evidence has emerged in the past few years shows that in addition to reducing our risk of chronic disease, moderate to vigorous exercise may also slow the aging process at the DNA level.

What are the latest research findings?  One area of this research centers on telomeres.  Telomeres are the tips or caps at the ends of our chromosomes and are sequences of non-coding DNA.  Telomeres play a critical role in human health.

Shorter telomeres are linked to hypertension cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, type two diabetes, osteoporosis, oxidative stress and obesity.  Lower levels of physical activity contributes to these conditions, and maintenance of telomere length may be one link between exercise, disease prevention and longevity.



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Healthy Living: Listen to your body it does not lie!

When I decided to follow a caloric-based eating plan, I started letting go of foods such as dairy and meats and monitored my calorie  intake. But I was not losing weight! I expressed my disappointment to my “eating for health” coach and she told me not to worry, saying that if I changed my eating habits to a plant-based nutritarian program I would never have to worry about my weight again!

The truth was that—for this plan to truly work—I needed to get really honest with myself. I focused with close attention on all the foods I put into my mouth. I was amazed to discover the truth and become aware of a huge discrepancy: What I thought I was eating and what I was actually eating were two different things.

I believed the amount of food I was ingesting was MUCH less and all healthy choices. I did not think I had food addictions and felt I knew the definition of real hunger. My “aha” moment and realization was when I noticed that the body does not lie! I was not losing weight because I was not feeding my body the proper nutrition. I listened to my coach, and began following her instructions more closely.

Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live is a nutritional plant-based program which includes 90 percent fruits and vegetables. It defines the difference between “true” hunger and “toxic” hunger.

Fuhrman explains that when we do not feed our bodies the proper nutrients, we do not feel well unless our digestive tract is continuously at work. Toxic hunger overpowers

the natural instinct that controls appetite and leads to an increase in calorie consumption. Toxic hunger decreases with a lifestyle high in micronutrients.

When the body is nutritionally satisfied, a new sensation of hunger appears when the body needs something, which he refers to as true hunger.

Body intelligence is a great guide and gift. Paying attention to the nutritional foods we eat can make a significant difference in the way we look and feel. Listening and being aware of the body’s needs and nourishment can impact health in a powerful way.

For example, I have been shopping in the organic produce aisle lately, and I have been attracted to certain colors of foods, such as the orange in carrots or the red in beets.

I followed my body’s guidance and purchased the foods.

As a result, I experienced a physical sensation of well-being from satisfying these healthy food cravings. “Let the nutrition of the food be at the heart of the matter” became my new motto to improve physical health and well-being. In learning to listen to my body, I have learned the importance of the nutritional value of foods instead of caloric assessment. I have shifted from a calorie-based approach to a nutritarian eating program.

This means the quality of the food is more significant than the quantity. Portion control is not an aspect of eating nutritional foods. You can have as big of a salad as you desire everyday! My weight has dropped off slowly and naturally. The Eat to Live program by Dr. Fuhrman has transformed my body physical health and well-being.

For more information, please visit

Healthy Recommendations:

Listen to your body and follow through with healthy choices.

• Focus on the nutritional value of foods.

Eat Organic.

• Avoid GMO products.

• Review ingredients and labels carefully.

• Review the “Dirty Dozen” list from the Environmental

Working Group shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce.

Transform your body, your health, and you!

Arielle Giordano, with a Master’s of Arts and Master’s of Education,