About Arielle

The greatest gift that I know is to follow what I know with courage confidence and trust.” Following one’s passion means being fearless, having faith and creative intelligence, an awesome combination for living life to the fullest! Passion comes from a zest and vigor for loving oneself and a willingness to pay the price!

Arielle’s passions include dance, psychology, philosophy, writing and the creative arts. She dances through life as an international and inspirational author, dancer, choreographer, teacher, painter, and facilitator and inspires her audience.

Arielle has a Masters of Arts in Counselor Education, and a Masters in Educational Leadership. As faculty member and Lead Faculty Area Chairperson for the College of Humanities, History and the Arts at the University of Phoenix, she inspires students with her profound knowledge of Humanities, Art, Psychology and Philosophy. She is a published author of several books and magazine articles. In 2014, she published her 4th book, an Instructor’s Manual for Barlow Abnormal Psychology 4th ed. In 2013, she wrote Psychology, A Journey 3rd ed. Study Guide published by Nelson Education, Toronto, ON.
She has studied philosophy at the College of Integrated Philosophy with John DeRuiter for fifteen years.

Arielle has been a featured guest on radio and television, in newspapers, and the media across the US and Canada. She offers dance classes, dancing for emotional release workshops and creative expression seminars, and psychology and art for children and adults.