Dancing with your story from the inside out!

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Stop hiding behind your stories and let the world see the real you!

In order for the world to really see you means living your life without any protection.  You may say I am not protecting myself. Listen to your self-talk and talking to others. Whatever you are talking about is your story. Yes, it is true a life event happened and when you talk about it – it becomes your story about the event. You interpret the event through your personal filters, beliefs and perceptions. Stop hiding and start being you! Stories keep you safe. They separate you from the truth of who you really are. Stories block you and cover up your vulnerability and transparency.  Stories keep you limited to the outward existence and as personal safeguards, from truth of who you really are.  The first step is to be aware that you are living your story! Be honest. You can’t change what you do not acknowledge!



May Events

Dancing with your story from theGiordano_new book 200  inside out!

Book Signings May 7th

Oxford Exchange

420 W. Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL 33606



May 31, 2017  6-7:30P
Awakening Wellness Center
6161 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St N, Ste 102, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33703
Arielle Giordano leads this dynamic workout that rebalances your body, activates 650 muscles and increases strength and flexibility, helping to create a youthful dancer-like body, more energy, pain relief, and improved posture. Cost: $20 Pre-registration encouraged to reserve your spot! . Contact Arielle to register (813)545-7173 or email: agbeautifuldance@gmail.com

Aging Backwards with Classical Stretch and Amazing Woman

FREE EVENT!!!!!!  Safety Harbor Resort and Spa!!!!

Date: May 6, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT
Website: http://www.safetyharborchamber.com 

Natures Food Patch May 25th

Free Event!!!

Lets Dance 6:30-7:30P

Aging Backwards with Classical stretch and Dance  Presentation!



Celebrate The Love of the Goddess!

The Goddess Aphrodite/Venus is the goddess of love, sensuality, sexuality and beauty in mythology and ancient cultures.  She is everywhere in history, art, music, songs andmyths and represents the quality of love and being in our hearts. When we connect with the goddess, she reminds us of love’s tenderness and gentleness, experienced in the openness and softness of hearts.

Love is the most powerful emotion, and its influence is  a common storyline for movies, books, theater, and the arts. One of my favorite movies is “The Matrix”, in which Neo( the main character) is saved from death by a kiss of love.

Continue and enjoy reading  my latest article on Page 31 in the February Issue

of Transformation Magazine! Enjoy!


“It is supposed to be a professional secret, but I ‘ll tell you anyway.

We doctors do nothing. We only help and encourage the doctor within”

Albert Schweitzer, M.D.

I love this quote! In the book, Mind over Medicine, Dr Lissa Rankin, M.D. describes the differences between the words healing and curing.  She says when we talk about healing a fracture, we usually mean curing a fracture. In other words the broken bone grows back together. The dictionary defines heal in two ways: ” to effect cure” and to become whole”. Now when she uses the word heal she is referring to the second definition- the return to wholeness!  This is a great book to learn about self-healing!

Are you ready to dance with your dreams in 2017?

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERALooking back on 2016, what do you see? What do you remember the most about last year? What would you like to let go of and release? What goals did you achieve? . Imagine that all that you are carrying in your mind, body and spirit is being released about 2016. Are you are ready for a new beginning? The less you hold on to from the past the more you will spring forward! Closing out the past year is a review, a simple process to release 2016 and have maximum energy in 2017!


Brainstorming is a process that allows you to think outside of our own box! Write down your answers to the following questions. Be honest and really tell the truth as you write your answers to the following questions.

Draw a line down the center of your paper, Word document or phone device. List your responses for 2016 on the left and for 2017 on the right.

  1. List of all the things that you are grateful for in 2016. What were your accomplishments and achievements?
  2. What would you like to leave behind in 2016 such as patterns, pain, thoughts, feelings, unhealthy habits, memories, relationships etc.?
  3. List your dreams for 2017. What would you like to create and embrace for the New Year? What do you want to look forward to and enjoy? What new skills would you like to learn? What would you like to do? Where would you like to go? What are your financial, health, wellness, work, career, relationship, and family goals?
  4. Be creative and brainstorm changes, experiences and new ways of being for 2017.
  5. List your goals for this new year. What would you like to accomplish? What would you like to become? What ways do you want to evolve and grow as a person and in your professional life?

Relax and be open and soft in your heart with yourself. Being present means experiencing now. A sensory experience is where you are, what you are listening to, seeing, feeling, tasting, and smelling in the moment. Review your list from last year. Let yourself experience your thoughts and feelings and physical sensations. Set yourself free from past emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories, and positive and negative experiences. Let go and release pent up energy held in your body, mind, heart and your soul. Release the past events and/or experiences. Letting go can be a process or a moment. Creative expression reaches into the window of the past, to know and see the future! Some favorites are: dancing, walking, working out, sharing thoughts and feelings, writing, theater, journaling, making art, painting, watercolors, clay, building, inventing, doing what you do differently, cooking, baking cookies, being creative and having fun.

Renewal happens when you let it, get out of your own way, and openness of heart to be new in the New Year. Enjoy the process of dancing your dreams in 2017!


Goddess Inner and Outer Workout!!

JANUARY 8th    1:30-3P Cost: $20    

Goddess Gatherings of Tampa Bay

Discover ways to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your body, mind and spirit into 2017! Create New Year’s Resolutions and Goals,

Let go of the past, blocks and baggage from 2016  Practice “Classical Stretch” Movements, Enjoy Creative and Transformational Activities.

New Beginnings Oneness Center 210 S. Pinellas Ave., STE 195,Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

  • This workshop is a “goddess focused” way to learn and love through powerful archetypes. Inanna, the goddess of feminine integrity, is the goddess this month. Embodying the qualities of being she symbolizes, we have the ability to create deep shifts of body, mind and spirit. This complements a fun, and inspiring inner focus to the workout, moving from the inside out in our bodies. Inanna reminds us to love, integrate and embrace our “divine feminine” and encourages us to move beyond our inner and outer barriers.



Goddess Gathering Holiday Breakfast December 7th

sarasvatiTime: 10-11am

Belleair Coffee Company

100 Indian Rocks Road

Belleair Bluffs, FL  33770



Reduce your holiday stress with creativity!! Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge of the month!
Join us for a meaningful morning and inspirational talk gathering with the goddesses of Tampa Bay. Meet and connect with women in a lovely, intimate & relaxed atmosphere while drinking delicious coffee and eating delightful quiche and muffins.

About Our Host: Belleair Coffee Company offers delicious espresso drinks, coffee, homemade baked goods, organic yogurts, breakfast sandwiches, and savory items! Belleair Coffee Company uses organic, sustainable products whenever possible because, hey, we live on this planet, too!

Celebrating The Goddess Within


With Arielle Giordano Author, Dance Instructor, Event Facilitator

New Beginning Oneness Center

210 S. Pinellas Ave. Tarpon Springs         Phone: (813)-545-7173 or (727) 935- 4891


You are invited to celebrate and embrace your inner Goddess. Enjoy exploring your deepest expression with dance, movement, music, journal writing, sharing and fun! Illuminate the highest beauty of the feminine spirit and experience the ancient mysteries and myths throughout history!!


To reserve your spot and register. Call Arielle at 813-545-7173

Email agbeautifuldance@gmail.com or visit www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com

Getting Down to the Bare Bones

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Getting down to the bare bones means diving into the nitty gritty

of ourselves, getting naked and being honest. This is a good time to

take a look at ourselves, our life, relationships, and the past. Honesty

gives us the clarity to see. Clarity gives us the vision to discern

what we know the truth of. Digging deep and getting naked with

ourselves can be a scary process, but it is well worth the pain. Pain

is like a can opener that takes us deeper into who we really are. We

grow and change. Our uniqueness and differences are told in our

stories. What are you telling yourself right now as you are reading

this paragraph? Quickly, write it down. Do not delay! Describe the

ways you procrastinate and put off doing things until tomorrow.


Are you ready to dance from the inside out?

In my last post, Born pink dancing_people_silhouettes_to Dance,

I wrote about  the power of

dance and  body movement

and the  ability to release

old patterns in the body.


Here are some questions to ask yourself:


When I move, what mental patterns, thoughts, feelings, do I experience?


What insights am I aware of after dancing/ moving your body?


How do these patterns/beliefs manifest in my body?  Aches? Pains?


In what ways can I move, to release, let go and heal?

Dance and move and let your body teach and inspire you!


born to dance picAs humans, we were born to dance. Since ancient times, dance has been an important part of our identities.

Thousands of years ago, one tribe member asked another, “What do you dance?”

Dance, which was once our human signature, has now been replaced by images and videos on our Facebook pages as society’s method to define our social identity.

Dance and movement allow us to be aware in our bodies and physically present to shift in new ways. Through these movements, we teach ourselves new patterns and ways to function. On a mental level, dance allows us to release the challenges, stresses, and dramas of our everyday lives and replace them with freeing thoughts. Emotionally, dance helps to create new brain patterns by breaking down old ingrained feelings, and spiritually we get to express ourselves in creative ways.

Through enjoying and relaxing into the body, you can go deeper within your being. You can feel all parts of your body and experience its vulnerability. Being in the body and the expression of it assists in the shifting and healing of physical cellular structures. This movement has the ability to set into action previously unknown and unseen thoughts and feelings. As a result, insights, awareness, and experiences have an opportunity to come into conscious awareness. You begin to dance from the inside out!

Dance is an unspoken universal language of the whole body, and it is an integral aspect of the universal mind. Dance consciousness is the graceful state of being and movement inherent within all sentient beings because it provides an opportunity to express the highest within all forms of existence. As everything in the universe dances, you dance with it. As humans, we flow, we pulse, we harmonize, we integrate. We are dancing beings.

Dance is a form of body language that expresses itself in unique ways through the instrument of the body, which has the ability to open your heart and touch the soul. The body has the awareness to let you see and move into new internal spaces. Set it free to explore your hidden qualities and new ways of experiencing the world.

This universal impulse to move, which we now call “dance,” exists today just as it did millions of years ago. In cultures both past and present, dance has been integrated into ceremonies for weddings, funerals, courting, instruction, storytelling, healing, arousal, amusement, entertainment, exercise, fun, uplifting the spirit, paying homage to gods and goddesses, and seeking and attaining aesthetic beauty that cannot be put into words.

This devotion of dance has transformational powers of transcendence to inspire and awaken the soul and the spirit of your being. It is an invitation into your own body’s awareness to move in time and space and enjoy being in physical form. From here you can explore other areas within yourself, such as how you feel moving a particular body part, what you are thinking, as well as your feelings, stresses, and perspectives. Everything that you have ever experienced is housed within your body. It is the inn/storekeeper for your life, challenges, experiences, joys, and sorrows.

Here five ways you can focus on using dance to heal and help you to look and feel better:

  1. Release Old Patterns:  Dance is in your body. You can become more aware of being in your body, notice that each movement has within it the potential to release hidden thoughts, feelings, insights, and awareness. All people have old crusty patterns that they replay everyday, and those patterns can be moved into conscious awareness and transmuted through dance. You have the ability to become that movement, that expression of your body, and you can use it to discover who you are as a being and uncover your own uniqueness through creative expression. Just take a moment and look around. We live in a moving universe. Everything is in constant motion. From the minute you are born to the moment you die, your cells are moving and dancing within you.
  2. Focus on Posture: Posture is very important in dance. If you watch the television show “Dancing with the Stars,” notice how often you hear the word posture. Here are some tips for improving your stance: stand tall with tummy tucked in and under. If you look at yourself in the mirror you will be straight and your shoulders, hips, and ankles will be in alignment. Shoulders are down and slightly pressed back. Tuck your bottom underneath your spine. Then take a deep breath, belly in, shoulders up and down, and bottom tucked under the spine. Center your body weight in a standing position. Do not lean forward or backward. Warning: You may look 10 pounds lighter with your new posture!
  3. Create Brain Activity: Dancing stimulates brain activity and function, and it can even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Dance prevents Alzheimer’s disease because of the activation and stimulation of the brain cortex and hemisphere called the Action Observation Network. In What Can Dance Teach Us About Learning, by Scott T. Grafton M.D., he points out that we might begin to learn a dance step when someone describes it to us, but we learn it better when we physically perform the steps as we observe and imitate an instructor doing them. You must use your brain to dance and follow the steps. Listen, watch, focus, observe, and consciously process information at the same time you are moving your body and following another’s example. The neurons in your brain imitate an instructor with observation learning when taking a dance lesson, it creates new neural pathways.
  4. Generate Physical Energy: A fun activity such as dance stimulates the body and the endorphins in the brain. This movement creates more overall physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual activity. It is the first step in having more energy, motivation, and focus, which can be directed to successfully complete mental tasks, especially for people who have attention challenges (such as myself). Enjoy the process of you. Give yourself permission to allow your dance to awaken the potential within. Let new elements and qualities express and move through your body. It is not about “getting the moves right.” This is about the expression of you dancing through your body. This is the about your dance, your story, your journey of life. Relax, enjoy, and be free to experience uninhibited movement. Be the flow within you as you dance, and let your dance become your life! Be the flow within you as you dance and let your dance become your life!
  5. Feel Good about Yourself: The more expressive movement allows you to be who you truly are and the more fully present you are in your own unique dance, the better you will look and feel. Feeling good about yourself is rooted within a balance of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies—which are all interconnected with each step you take. As you heal and grow in your inner and outer dance, you begin to glow in our own flow!

As your inner beauty glows, it shows in your body and so does your-self-confidence!!

Arielle Giordano, Masters of Arts, Masters of Education, is an author, professional dancer, inspirational speaker, certified Essentrics/ Aging Backwards instructor, and workshop facilitator. She enjoys sharing her gifts and talents with an authentic style rich in grace in dance, psychology, philosophy and the expressive arts. As a Lead Faculty Area Chairperson and Faculty Member for College of Humanities at the University of Phoenix, she inspired students with her profound knowledge and expertise in Art, Psychology, and Philosophy. She is a published author of Dancing with your story from the inside out! She also writes for Tampa Bay Wellness, We Woman and Transformation Magazines.

Arielle offers classes and workshops on empowering women, creativity, and dance. She offers consultations, private sessions and is a certified instructor in the Essentrics/ Aging Backwards program. Arielle has been a guest speaker on radio and television, featured in newspapers and magazines across the United States and Canada.  Visit www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com or email agbeautifuldance@gmail.com or call 813-545-7173.



What will you be dancing on National Dance Day July 30th?

This day was launched in 2010 by “So You Think You Can Dance” co-creator and DFF co-president Nigel Lythgoe., National Dance Day is celebrated on the last Saturday in July. This initiative helps to  encourage Americans to embrace dance as a fun and positive way to maintain good health and fight obesity. NDD achieved national recognition when Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), a lproponent of healthy lifestyles, announced at a press conference on July 31, 2010, in Washington, D.C., that she was introducing a congressional resolution and declared the last Saturday in July to be the country’s official NDD.http://dizzyfeetfoundation.org/national-dance-day/

What is your success story?

Giordano_new book 200







In my new book,  Dancing with your story from the inside out, I talk about the fact that we all have stories.  We have stories about all aspects of ourt lives and about ourselves. Some stories help us, teach us, strengthen us, and support us.  Other stories hurt, stop our dance, and impede our movement forward.  Here is an opportunity to sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself:  What is my story about my success?  Success has many different meanings so apply the one that is most applicable to you.  Let you hand do the thinking and the writing.  When you are finished read it out loud to yourself.  What do you see about you in your story?  Do you like your story of success or would  you like to change it?  If you want to change it, you can do so by creating a new story.

When you are completing this exercise, try to do it quickly without your logical brain and linear thinking.  Let your words and thoughts flow. Write them as soon as they come to you.  Don’t criticize or judge yourself or your words!

Here  are 4 steps to follow to create a new story of success:

How can I get out of my own way to achieve my goals?

What do I need to do to accomplish my success goals?

My priority goal is…….

My new story about accomplishing this goal of success is……………………


June 23rd Let’s Dance/ Aging Backwards FREE Presentation








You are invited to learn the latest research about the power of movement and dance. Would you like to know what keeps you healthy and full of energy?

TIME:  6:30-7:30PM

WHERE: Natures’ Food Patch “Patchworks” 1225 Cleveland Street,

Clearwater, FL 33755


Did you know that the sharpest most powerful tool for retaining a radiant ageless & beautiful youth

is not your heart, brain or lungs? It’s your muscles! Learn signature movements to stretch & strengthen 620 muscles and a dance!23_June_LetsDanceAgingBackwards

Stories can hide the truth and stories can seek the truth!!

As human beings, we live in the world of story.  Stories are designed to intrigue the listener. Stories  take many forms such as a tale, song, movie, novel, poem, and drama.  Stories can be fictitious or true.  There are stories of medicine, the story of  life; a report or account, a circumstance; or an allegation. Stories are born and come alive in family legacies, conversation, folklore, fairytales, books, dance, novels, myths, movies and visual art.

Stories are everywhere and we see and hear them all of the time.  What is your favorite story?  What is the most outrageous story you have heard lately?  What is the story you talk about the most?

We can be honest or dishonest about our stories. Being honest about our stories includes being honest about the interpretation of them. We all have our own perception and perspective, of how things happened.  The truth is something happened.  Leave it at that anything else is our story about it.

A woman came to one of my Dancing with your story from the inside out workshops.  Her story was about her husband’s death and her step-children not coming to see him. We did some activities such writing and drawing about the truth of the situation.  At the end of the workshop, she realized that the truth was her husband passed away, and his children did not show up at the time of his death.  She left the workshop free of her story and ready to live her life without it!


Move. Your health and life depend on it!

Exercise Best Anti Aging MedicineWhy exercise when what you eat has a greater influence on your body weight?

Movement in your life is  important, your life depends on it,  according to an article written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD.The reason for exercise goes beyond expending a few calories.  Unless of course, you are a professional athlete.  Research evidence has emerged in the past few years shows that in addition to reducing our risk of chronic disease, moderate to vigorous exercise may also slow the aging process at the DNA level.

What are the latest research findings?  One area of this research centers on telomeres.  Telomeres are the tips or caps at the ends of our chromosomes and are sequences of non-coding DNA.  Telomeres play a critical role in human health.

Shorter telomeres are linked to hypertension cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, type two diabetes, osteoporosis, oxidative stress and obesity.  Lower levels of physical activity contributes to these conditions, and maintenance of telomere length may be one link between exercise, disease prevention and longevity.



Classical Stretch
April 11, 2016 6:45-7:45 pm
Look and feel younger no matter what your age! Did you know that the sharpest most powerful tool for retaining a radiant ageless and beautiful youth is not your heart, or your brain or your lungs, it is your muscles?
Essentrics is a strengthening program that tones the muscles, and reverses atrophy in lengthened positions. Benefits include increased energy, flexibility, focus, memory, circulation, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, reduced risk of chronic diseases and maintain a healthy weight.

Where: Patricia Ann Dance Studio, 941 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin, FL 34698
Cost: 5 classes $55 $ 12 Drop-in
Call: 813-545-7173 Or Email: agbeautifuldance@gmail.comor visit www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com

Healthy Living: Listen to your body it does not lie!

When I decided to follow a caloric-based eating plan, I started letting go of foods such as dairy and meats and monitored my calorie  intake. But I was not losing weight! I expressed my disappointment to my “eating for health” coach and she told me not to worry, saying that if I changed my eating habits to a plant-based nutritarian program I would never have to worry about my weight again!

The truth was that—for this plan to truly work—I needed to get really honest with myself. I focused with close attention on all the foods I put into my mouth. I was amazed to discover the truth and become aware of a huge discrepancy: What I thought I was eating and what I was actually eating were two different things.

I believed the amount of food I was ingesting was MUCH less and all healthy choices. I did not think I had food addictions and felt I knew the definition of real hunger. My “aha” moment and realization was when I noticed that the body does not lie! I was not losing weight because I was not feeding my body the proper nutrition. I listened to my coach, and began following her instructions more closely.

Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live is a nutritional plant-based program which includes 90 percent fruits and vegetables. It defines the difference between “true” hunger and “toxic” hunger.

Fuhrman explains that when we do not feed our bodies the proper nutrients, we do not feel well unless our digestive tract is continuously at work. Toxic hunger overpowers

the natural instinct that controls appetite and leads to an increase in calorie consumption. Toxic hunger decreases with a lifestyle high in micronutrients.

When the body is nutritionally satisfied, a new sensation of hunger appears when the body needs something, which he refers to as true hunger.

Body intelligence is a great guide and gift. Paying attention to the nutritional foods we eat can make a significant difference in the way we look and feel. Listening and being aware of the body’s needs and nourishment can impact health in a powerful way.

For example, I have been shopping in the organic produce aisle lately, and I have been attracted to certain colors of foods, such as the orange in carrots or the red in beets.

I followed my body’s guidance and purchased the foods.

As a result, I experienced a physical sensation of well-being from satisfying these healthy food cravings. “Let the nutrition of the food be at the heart of the matter” became my new motto to improve physical health and well-being. In learning to listen to my body, I have learned the importance of the nutritional value of foods instead of caloric assessment. I have shifted from a calorie-based approach to a nutritarian eating program.

This means the quality of the food is more significant than the quantity. Portion control is not an aspect of eating nutritional foods. You can have as big of a salad as you desire everyday! My weight has dropped off slowly and naturally. The Eat to Live program by Dr. Fuhrman has transformed my body physical health and well-being.

For more information, please visit drfuhrman.com.

Healthy Recommendations:

Listen to your body and follow through with healthy choices.

• Focus on the nutritional value of foods.

Eat Organic.

• Avoid GMO products.

• Review ingredients and labels carefully.

• Review the “Dirty Dozen” list from the Environmental

Working Group shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce.

Transform your body, your health, and you!

Arielle Giordano, with a Master’s of Arts and Master’s of Education,



What Essentrics Does….

Women and Men of all ages:
Enjoy a dynamic workout with motivating music
Looking to tone their body without weights
Want to increase flexibility and overall mobility
Have tight hips, back, shoulders and need increased range of motion
Are recovering from injury and seek a safe workout
Seeking a workout to help relieve pain
Are runners, cyclers, spinners or are training for an endurance, event (marathon etc.)

For Body Shaping
Defines the waist
Creates toned, lean and strong arms
Slenderizes thighs and quads
Creates flat, defined abs
Improves posture
Lifts the butt
Targets and firms every muscle in the body

For Health & Performance
Increases full body flexibility
Helps relieve pain
Unlocks tight muscles and joints
Strengthens the spine and core
Helps to treat and prevent back pain

Age defying workout:
Creates a youthful feeling body
Improves agility and speed for sports
Supports injury prevention
Helps speed up recovery time through increased blood flow

Schedule a FREE 45 minute workout with Arielle email:agbeautifuldance@gmail.com

The Creative Connection through Dance, Art, Writing and Music!

Through  creativity and the expressive arts, I have danced my fears, painted my anger and written my story and delighted in the sounds of music to soothe my soul!!  I have watched both children and adults enjoy the creative arts expression as a transformational process that occurs in a safe and gentle space.  Healing is the response to the expression of an individuals’ deepest feelings and thoughts, stories and beliefs and innermost knowing.

“As the unconscious comes to life through dancing, painting writing or sound, a new awareness and understanding of self is born”.

Dancing from the inside out workshops are an invitation for you to engage and enjoy “you” at all levels through dance, art, writing and music!! Please email: agbeautifuldance@gmail.com if you would like to find out about the next workshop!!

March 12, 2016 Essentrics/ Aging Backwards Workshop

Kapok Pilates and Wellness
908 N. McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater, FL
 Would you to look and feel younger in just 30 minutes a day? As seen on PBS special with Miranda Esmonde-White this program reverses the aging process by strengthening and lengthening the muscles by stretching and reactivating atrophied muscles! Did you know that the sharpest most powerful tool for retaining radiant ageless and beautiful youth is not your heart, or your brain or your lungs, it is your muscles?
If you are ready to look and feel younger no… matter what your age, enjoy the integrated movements of Ballet, Tai-Chi, Yoga and Pilates trademark exercises, then you will love Essentrics!!
 This dynamic workout will activate all your muscles, free your joints, and increase mobility. Dynamic and easy to follow, this full body technique works through your muscle chains, liberating and empowering your muscles, relieving them from tension and in the process making you feel stronger and more energetic.
Benefits: Create a youthful feeling body,  strengthens, lengthens and tones the muscles, reverses muscle atrophy, heals and prevents injury, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, increases energy, focus and memory, lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of chronic diseases and helps to maintain a healthy weight.
For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Arielle agbeautifuldance@gmail.com, 813-545-7173

FREE Essentrics/ Aging Backwards Class March 14 6:45-7:45pm

Patricia Ann Dance Studios
FREE Introductory Class!!!!
March 14, 2016
6:45-7:45 pm
Patricia Ann Dance Studio
941 Douglas Avenue
Dunedin, FL 34698

Would you to look and feel younger in just 30 minutes a day? As seen on PBS special with Miranda Esmonde-White this program reverses the aging process by strengthening and lengthening the muscles by stretching and reactivating atrophied muscles! Did you know that the sharpest most powerful tool for retaining radiant ageless and beautiful youth is not your heart, or your brain or your lungs, it is your muscles?
If you are ready to look and feel younger no… matter what your age, enjoy the integrated movements of Ballet, Tai-Chi, Yoga and Pilates trademark exercises, then you will love Essentrics!!

 This dynamic workout will activate all your muscles, free your joints, and increase mobility. Dynamic and easy to follow, this full body technique works through your muscle chains, liberating and empowering your muscles, relieving them from tension and in the process making you feel stronger and more energetic.
Benefits: Create a youthful feeling body,  strengthens, lengthens and tones the muscles, reverses muscle atrophy, heals and prevents injury, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, increases energy, focus and memory, lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of chronic diseases and helps to maintain a healthy weight.
For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Arielle agbeautifuldance@gmail.com, 813-545-7173

Dancing Outside the Lines?

As children we were taught to always paint blue skies, grass green and trees with leaves. Were you told to always stay inside the lines when you were coloring? Life is overflowing with possibilities to conform to unimportant rules. Dancing, coloring and painting inside the lines stifle our creativity and may even stop our progress toward achieving our full potential. How Rules keep us from reaching new possibilities and stifle our creativity.

How can transcending the rules set us free?

This is one of my new year’s resolutions to set myself free to soar into the

multi-colored skies!!!!!  How warielle 4ill you dance outside the lines???


Classical StretchFor Body Shaping

  • Defines the waist
  • Creates toned, lean and strong arms
  • Slenderizes thighs and quads
  • Creates flat, defined abs
  • Improves posture
  • Lifts the butt
  • Targets and firms every muscle in the body
  • For Health & Performance
  • Increases full body flexibility
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Unlocks tight muscles and joints
  • Strengthens the spine and core
  • Helps to treat and prevent back pain
  • Age-defying workout: creates a youthful feeling body
  • Improves agility and speed for sports
  • Supports injury prevention
  • Helps speed-up recovery time through increased blood flow Women and Men of all ages who:
  • Enjoy a dynamic workout with motivating music
  • Are looking to tone their body without weights
  • Want to increase flexibility and overall mobility
  • Are worried about bulking up their muscles, but want definition
  • Have tight hips, back and shoulders and need increased range of motion
  • Are recovering from injury but still want to keep their body active
  • Have had past injuries and seek a safe workout
  • Seeking a workout that will help relieve pain
  • Are runners, cyclists, or spinners
  • Are training for a marathon, triathlon, etc.

Essentrics is on a mission to re-establish the true meaning of fitness and to help people experience what it feels like to be healthy and happy in their bodies. We believe that fitness should not be measured with an index, in miles, in muscle mass or in speed, rather, it should be measured in one’s ability to move freely, live actively and without pain. The mission of the Essentrics Workout is to create a balanced body whereby the strength in your muscles doesn’t inhibit your movement, and your mobility is enhanced by your strength. Essentrics dynamically combines strengthening and stretching to develop a strong toned body with the complete ability of moving each joint and muscle freely and with full range of motion.

With thousands of testimonials from the programs devotees of all ages and fitness levels, professional athletes, Olympians, doctors and physiotherapists, we are confident that Essentrics will target what you need, unlock what is tight, strengthen what is weak and tone what needs shaping.


Essentrics strengthens and stretches every muscle in the body eccentrically, rebalancing the muscular structure in continuous rotational movements. It incorporates various techniques including PNF and isotonic movement while systematically working every joint in the body. The basis of the workout is a dynamic combination of strength and flexibility exercises, designed to pull apart the joints by elongating the muscles and challenging them in the lengthened position. This full-body technique works through the muscle chains, liberating and empowering the muscles, relieving them from tension in the process. While the technique is original in itself, it has been influenced by several disciplines. Essentrics draws on the flowing movements of tai chi which create health and balance, the strengthening theories behind ballet which create long, lean, flexible muscles and the healing principles of physiotherapy which create a pain free body.

What are your dreams for 2016? Embrace them as your goals come to you!

What are your dreams for 2016? Look back on 2015, what do you see? What do you remember about last year? What would you like to forget about 2015? What goals did you achieve? Imagine that what you are carrying in your mind, body and spirit is being released about 2015. Are you ready for a new beginning! The less you hold on to from the past the farther you will go forward! Closing out the past year is a review, a simple process to release 2015 and have maximum energy in 2016. What are three things to let go of for 2015? What are three goals for 2016?

Can you overcome your bad habits and create new ones in a minimum of 21 days??

As a provisional psychologist, I have learned that it  takes a minimum of three weeks to change or create a new habit.  When I was in my thirties, I quit smoking.  It was difficult at the time and after several failures and attempts, I finally did it!  How did I do it?

I replaced a bad habit with good one.  I joined a gym and began working out.  I began to enjoy my own breathing process.  I would take deep breaths and think that I was inhaling fresh air instead of smoke!  I just quit.  If I wanted a cigarette,  I would think about going through all the steps in my quitting smoking journey to get to where I was.  I was proud that I did not smoke for three weeks and then four weeks.  I would even have dreams that I started smoking again and wake up disappointed with myself.  I never started again and finally quit forever!

My answer  was not feeling deprived, I added something healthy instead and created a new habit!  So, if your challenges are that you do not have the discipline, will power, strength within yourself to move and exercise  everyday, think about replacing your old habit of sitting around or what ever it is with movement, exercise, dancing, classical stretch for a minimum of 21 days!!


Is there a relationship between Essentric stretching, stress and anti-aging?

Classical Stretch

Sports science describes two ways to strengthen your muscles. Concentric exercise strengthen the muscles by shortening it and eccentric exercise strengthens the muscle by lengthening it. Every day at the gym people are doing concentric exercise tensing and shortening their quadriceps muscles when they attempt to straighten a leg on the leg extension machine or pull a hand weight toward a shoulder in a biceps curl. Concentric motion and movement is typically where most people focus their attention during their workouts. There is not much attention offered to lengthening the muscles. When we ignore lengthening our muscles, we are leaving out a very important and critical aspect of the development of strong healthy muscles- eccentric exercise.

Eccentric exercise lengthens and strengthens and is just as important as concentric exercise. But this form of exercise is often overlooked and viewed as a waste of time! When you bend a knee and stretch out your quadriceps you bear the full weight of your body as you stand up.  You are strengthening and lengthening. Just as in physics, the longer the lever, the heavier the load. Eccentric exercise allows you “lever” (muscle) to bear more resistance while in its lengthened position.  The result simultaneously lengthens and strengthens muscles. Eccentric exercise simultaneously strengthens  and lengthens and as it develops healthy strong muscles. Since muscle cells burn more calories so when the difficulty of the load is increased on the longer muscle, you increase muscle mass, you increase your body’s metabolic rate, you burn more calories and you loose weight!

And, “yes” eccentrics is also a powerful anti- aging program. As the scientific community began to find new discoveries and new light on how our DNA ages, we learned that eccentric exercise specifically, directly and powerfully communicates with our cells to reduce oxidative stress on a cellular level- this means that it directly combats aging!!!

The answer is “yes” , there is a positive and direct relationship between eccentric stretching, stress reduction and anti -aging.

Are you ready to do a class in Classical Stretch, Essentrics and the Aging Backwards program?? For more information on classes and events, go to www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com or email: Arielle agbeautifuldance@gmail.com!!

Aging Backwards/Essentrics

Did you know that you can look and feel younger and reverse the aging process with a stretching and strengthening program called Essentrics.  Did you know that the key to  longevity is in your muscles?  The Essentric program awakens atrophied muscles, while stretching, strengthening and lengthening all 620 muscles! The powerhouse of our cells are the mitochondria that keep us feeling and looking young. Muscle cells contain the most mitochondria than any other part of our body. If we keep our mitochondria fires burning  we can experience the vitality of youth in just 30 minutes a day.

You are invited to a FREE demonstration of the Aging Backwards/ Essentrics program this Saturday June 13th at 11:30-12:30 pm at Kapok Pilates Wellness Studio on 908 North  McMullen Booth Road ( Across from Sam Ash Music) in Clearwater.


For more information, email Arielle at agbeautifulfdance@gmail.com

Dancing with your story from the inside out!

Have you ever asked yourself what am I hiding and seeking at the same time? As children, we played the game of “Hide and Seek”. A number of players conceal themselves in a place to be found by one or more seekers. The one player tagged as being “it”, closes their eyes and counts to a predetermined number while the other players hide. The player designated as “it” runs and looks everywhere seeking the other players. In the “Hide and Seek” game in life, you are “it”. You are the one you have been hiding from and seeking your whole life.

Could you be looking for the real you and hiding in your stories?

Within every person lies their own life story, with their own unique interpretation of past and present events. Overtime we add meaning to these events and create our own stories. Eventually our interpretations become perceptions that prescribe our outlook on life.

But sometimes, as humans, we can make-believe or misinterpret certain events or situations and become the captive of our own misguided perceptions, as our real identities remain trapped inside us.

Arielle Giordano empowers you to dance your story from the inside out by freeing yourself through dance so that you may finally release your authentic truth and break the shackles of silence with your body’s natural rhythms. At the end of each chapter, Giordano offers personal journaling and conscious reflection in conjunction with free-spirited dance. Giordano prescribes a practical means to self-discovery through fun and creative expressions.

Together, the journaling, reflection, and dance assignments help unlock our stories and set our true selves free.


You can order this book now!!! Please contact Arielle at agbeautifuldance@gmail.com

Are you ready to celebrate your life with dance?

dance makes you smarter

Did you know that the number-one cause of joint damage above all else is a sedentary lifestyle!   Couch potatoes are at greater risk of suffering from joint problems than are weekend warriors and energetic athletes.  Most athletes assume that a stretch program is solely intended to improve flexibility.  They think that they do not need flexibility. Who does not need flexibility?  The main reason sedentary people experience  more joint pain and arthritis is atrophy, wasting of muscle tissue caused by disuse. Many diet and lifestyle factors can help you prevent disease and one of the most powerful is the ability of exercise to build muscle. The3 strength of your muscles enables you to move with endurance and power.

If you are interested in having a free consultation with Arielle, please call 813-545-7173 or email agbeautifuldance@gmail.com

What is Essentrics and Classical Stretch?

Essentrics is a strengthening program that tones the muscles in lengthened positions not short positions as do most fitness programs. The muscles lengthen by pulling the joints into elongated positions at the same time as being strengthened. The simultaneous lengthening and strengthen is what increases the flexibility of the muscles.

When the muscles are tones with a flexed joint such as a bicep curl, the bicep muscle will shorten as it strengthens. However, if we strengthen our arm with the elbow straight, the bicep will stretch, lengthen and strengthen at the same time. Lengthening the muscles while being toned increases their flexibility. Ballet dancers’ training is long lean muscles and perfect posture. Effective stretching is actually strengthening, stretching lengthens the muscles and strengthening shortens, however, when these movements are combined, you get both longer and stronger muscles.

Essentrics matches the training of a ballet dancer in an easy to follow program that benefits the health, and well-being of everyone. Essentrics is a reinvention of the concept of stretching. You are invited to look at flexibility as strengthening instead of a conditioned  view of these two concepts as polar opposites!

Classical Stretch identifies the Essentrics program intended to reflect the pure lines in classical architecture and painting which are the same pure classic lines achieved with the Classical Stretch body. Ballet dance is the movement of pure lines in space. This program combines classical lines as it strengthens, lengthens and rebalances the entire body. As a result, clients recognize changes in the length and shape of the muscles,  increase mobility, flexibility and balance, and many lose a pants size.

Please contact Arielle to schedule a 1 hour free introductory Essentrics program at 813-545-7173 or Email agbeautifuldance@gmail.com Website: www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com.

Rewriting Your Love Story

Who does not have s story to tell about love and romance? I know I have several to share. One of my favorites was what I call the “Venus Fly Trap Relationship”. You meet someone and are so excited to be in love. You ignore and/or selectively forget any or all of the red flags and warning signs you recognize about this person. You relentlessly continue to be with him/her. After you have invested your heart, body and soul, your eyes slowly begin to open to the truth about this person. You realize he or she is not the person you thought them to be. There are issues, patterns and differences coming up to soon in only few weeks, in this love happening! You are already to go to marriage counseling and you are not even married. What did I do? I got out of this relationship after going to counseling and trying to make it work. It didn’t and then I decided to get out of it!
Heart lessons are painful and our relationship patterns and attractions are difficult to break. Did you ever thing that the same person keeps showing up in your life with a different face? Some patterns are hard to break until we become consciously aware of our patterns.
At a relationship seminar several years ago, the facilitator said: If you are someplace and you see someone across the room that you are immediately and irresistibly attracted to, RUN! I learned that lesson with my definition of the Venus Fly Trap relationship. I got involved with a person too fast and too soon without knowing him. Getting to know someone takes time and a relationship takes time to develop and nurture. I have girlfriends for years and still enjoy learning new aspects about them. And, yes, there are couples that meet and marry within weeks. These couples learn about each other and grow together while being in a committed relationship.
Healthy relationships begin in the connection on a being level such as enjoying being together. Two people begin to feel an attraction to each other. You may not know what the attraction is but you know you like each other.
The lessons about love that I have learned are as follows: The first level is the spiritual, the bond, the 2nd is the intellectual/ mental level, the 3rd is the emotional level and the 4th is the physical level. The bond two people share has a deeper meaning. The bond could be a friendship or intimate relationship bond. This is an important step to take the time to know the difference. The next level is the mental and intellectual connection. During this step you both share conversations with each other on a variety of topics and connect on a mental level. The third step is the emotional level. During this step your hearts begin to open, connect and cultivate in the knowing of the bond you share, and the knowledge you have about each other. You are growing and nurturing each other in the heart connection. As the relationship develops, you both move into the last step, the physical and sexual level. The truth is the highest value in this connection is the bond you both share even more the relationship.
How would your relationship be different, if you followed this way of connecting in relationships?

Are you ready to dance with your dreams in 2015?

Dancing with the past, present and the future of 2015!

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!

Looking back on 2014, what do you see? What do you remember the most bout last year? What would you like to forget about 2014? Closing out the past year is a review, a simple process to release 2014 and have maximum energy in 2015.

Brainstorming is a process that allows you to think outside of the box. Write down your answers to the following questions. Draw a line down the center of your paper or on a Word document. List your responses for 2014 on the left and 2015 on the right.

1. List of all the things that you are grateful for in 2014. What were your accomplishments and

2. What would you like to leave behind in 2014 such as patterns, unhealthy habits, memories?
relationships etc.?

3. List your dreams for 2015. What would you like to enjoy? What new skills would you like to learn?
What would you like to do? Where would you like to go? What are your financial, health, work,
career, relationship goals?

4. Brainstorm the changes, experiences and new ways of being in your life.

5. List your goals for the New Year. What would you like to achieve this year? Who would you like to be?
What do you want to accomplish in your personal and professional life?

Be fully present as your review your past and connect with your future

Being present means experiencing the now. Experience where you are, what you are listening to, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling etc.
Review your list from last year. Let yourself experience all of you thoughts and feelings and physical sensations. Set yourself free from past emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories, and positive and negative experiences. Let go and release your pent up energy that is being held in any of these past events and/or experiences. Cleansing from the past can take many forms. Some favorites are: dancing, walking, working out, sharing thoughts and feelings, writing them down, making art, painting watercolor, cooking, and being creative and having fun.

Renewal happens when you let it, give yourself permission to be open to be new in the New Year.
What are you going to give yourself permission to be open to in the New Year? Please share.

Enjoy reading your new goals for 2015!

Dance into 2015 with your creativity !

The gift of creativity takes you beyond yourself and your normal way of being.

The benefits of creative expression
Through my own creative expression, I have healed old wounds with catharses of heart. I have expressed myself in ways that satisfied and transformed me and my life experiences. Seeing life through the lens of creativity is a unique experience. Thinking about a topic and drawing about it is an interesting and revealing concept. When I am feeling down and I dance, the dance exuberates and enlivens my body, heart and soul. Thoughts and feelings are integrated and whatever I was upset about is either no longer bothering me, found a solution or I let it go. Dancing takes me out of myself, I dance to the music and become one with it. Dance touches my heart and soul and empowers my depths of being alive. I enjoy the freedom and victory of self-expression.
Expressing yourself through creativity can being renewal and regeneration whether it is with dance, movement, music and choreography, visual arts, writing, cooking, making, building and living. Creativeness can transform our painful reactions to situations, and help us to heal from traumatic life experiences. Creativity gives us a renewed strength and offers a unique way to give voice to difficult thoughts and feelings.
Enjoying the creative process inspires and remodels our inner reality, our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Our view of the world shifts in a subtle way. As we take pleasure in looking at a painting, the painting becomes alive as the viewer puts himself or herself into what is real in the moment. Paintings reflect a story in one’s life, imitate and mimic reality, or can be an aesthetic experience that inspires and enlivens.
Creating and being creative is a natural impulse as human beings. Self-expression through creativity is an opportunity to gain deeper insights and understanding within ourselves,. We get to feel our feelings and think our thoughts. We get to see new aspects within ourselves, our lives and others. A new awareness gets to have form, a voice, a structure and a constructive expression for our inner and outer harmony, chaos and conflict.
In her article “Giving Life to Carl Rogers theory of Creativity” Natalie Rogers writes that “using the expressive arts gives people a safe place to explore their shadow side…The shadow is the part we have repressed in our lives. Some people have denied their anger and rage for a lifetime.”Referring to expressive arts therapy, she says “The creative process is life force energy. If offers a safe, empathic, non-judgmental environment, and a transformative process for constructive change…Using movement, sound, color and drama offer opportunities to first become aware of one’s shadow, and then to explore it fully through many media.”
As human beings we have natural propensity and love of beauty. Throughout history, we have followed and appreciated the great greats of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the Renaissance, and the Egyptian Pyramids. As human beings, we have reacted in sodden in awe. Honor the love of aesthetics and the transformational process of creativity, art and self-expression. Let these powerful ways heal human consciousness on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
Enjoy doodling, scribbling, painting, dancing, baking, cooking, building, a new project, experimenting and living creatively from the inside out!
Email: agbeautifuldance@gmail.com,
Website: www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com
Phone: 813-545-7173

Have you considered rewriting your holiday story?

Arielle Giordano
We all have stories to tell about our holidays as a child and growing up. Do you remember the toys, baking cookies waiting for friends and family to arrive to celebrate together? Or, you may remember having no one to celebrate the holidays with and not receiving any gifts or not feeling well? Whatever our memories tell us and whatever our story is we can rewrite it!
How can we rewrite old memories that we just want to forget and never think about again. We can resist them. Resistance brings persistence. In other words, the more we avoid what we don’t want, the more it shows up in our lives.
Being okay with the way you are thinking and feeling about your story about past holidays is the first step. When your are okay with everything exactly the way it is- your body begins to relax. You begin to relieve stress, breathe and let go, you flow like a leaf in the wind. Have you ever been in an argument with someone and as soon as you say okay, you are right or okay, I am wrong, you begin to experience a sense of freedom from not being in the argument. Your body responds to not being in an argument as well.
What is your story about the holiday season? What comes up for you during this time of year? The holidays are the most stressful time of year, energy levels are at an all time high, problems are exacerbated, and of course family issues surmount.
Realizing that you have a story about a life event is powerful because then you can change it. Be honest with yourself. As much as you would like to believe your story, know that you created it. Yes the life event happened, but you wrote the story about it. You get to choose powerfully to let go of your story or rewrite it.
Rewriting your story and applying art, creativity and self-expression is a transformational process that can heal human consciousness on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
Here are some suggestions to let go of old stories and create new ones during the holiday season:
Be okay with everything and everyone including yourself
Do the things that you love and enjoy the most such as: doodling, scribbling, painting, dancing, baking, cooking, building, creating a new project, experimenting and the freedom to be!
Play your favorite music , sing and dance like no one is watching, be creative and have fun!

The Melody of Music and Dance

My interpretation of music and dance is the yin and yang experience. Consider music the yang the positive force and charge that sparks and inspires the deep in dance to move. These deep within us is the darkness and void. Dance can be an expression in form of that which is formless and not in physical form.

As I listen to music, it touches me in different ways. Sometimes, It touches my emotional pain or joy, I may cry or get inspired to create and choreograph a new dance. Other times, the music touches my soul as if it is nurturing me. Music touches my soul and opens a passion in me that inspires dance. The union of music and dance become one in the harmony and melody of that which they both create.

Music is the expression of dance and dance is the expression of music. Both become one in the harmony of their melody.

As I dance and listen to the music, the music touches my heart and soul. This touch speaks to me. This voice opens me up to create and choreograph a dance. In this, I give the formless within me, form through dance. The music lights my fire!! This fire sparks my creativity. This creativity is the fire within that inspires and forms a dance.

Through this process, I am one with music and dance and my creative expression.

Are you Sticking to your Story?

Are you sticking to your story?
Arielle Giordano
When life happens, we interpret it in our own unique way. If the same situation happens to several people, will they all interpret it in the same way? When life happens, we see it through our own eyes in our own way. It is so automatic that sometimes we are not even aware that we are doing it. It is just our world and the way we see becomes our reality.
This reality becomes our life and our life becomes our story. Our reality is the story of our life and our life is the reality of our story. Life is the story of our experiences, interpretations perspectives and perceptions of our experiences. We believe our stories and then create a life that endorses and reinforces them. If we have a story about men or women, and we strongly believe it to be true, we will attract people that fit our belief. Have you ever wondered why the same people have been showing up in your life?
In my life, my father passed away when I was thirteen years old. My interpretation of this experience could be that men leave or abandon me. This is not a true statement. But if I believe it to be true, it becomes my reality. My reality becomes my truth and I live my life by this truth. It becomes real to me. I create a life to endorse this belief. The result is that men that I attract in my life leave or abandon me.
What is one of your life experiences? What is your interpretation of this experience? What is the life that you create from your story?
Four Ways to become aware of your story:
1) Identify a life experience

2) What is your interpretation of this experience?

3) Tell the story you create from the interpretation of this experience.

4) What do see you create in your life based upon your story?

Reduce Stress with Creativity!

Reduce stress with Creativity!

A strategy to reduce stress and tension and stress is creativity. Creative power has the ability to help us to see new things and solve old problems in new ways. Creative expression has the potential to bring the unconscious, unknown, hidden, and unseen into our sight. The creative process allows us to become aware of our thoughts and feelings, and see how we are being, acting, feeling, thinking, interacting with others. All we need to do is get out of our own way and stop stopping our natural creative flow and move in and with it.

Many people are enslaved and feel compelled to holiday traditions, holiday perfection and having the holiday a certain way. The holidays do not have to be in the family traditional setting even though your great parents, parents, and family did/d it this way. Allow this holiday season to mix change with the tradition with new ideas to enliven the holiday setting.

The intention of the holiday season is to share love, giving and receiving gifts and connecting with family and friends. When you keep this intention in your heart and feel uncomfortable or tense about what you are doing, you know it is time to stop, take a breath, and change directions. Know that is it okay to make changes and do something new! Take some time to nurture and give back to you creating with family and friends, having fun, going for walks, bike rides or the gym.
This weekend I attended an art therapy session with several women participants. It was my first time and I was curious and excited to experience something new. First, the group completed a childhood trauma questionnaire with questions reflecting our childhood experiences. Then the group did an art activity, which was scribbling with our non- dominant hand to help access the right brain.

I scribbled with a crayon in a circular motion. After our scribble, we identified images, forms, and shapes within our scribble. I saw many oval circles all over the paper. Throughout the session, we danced between answering questions and making art.
We made a mailbox to write down our inner messages at any time. The group selected an empty box and decorated it. I chose a black small cigar box with golden oval circles on the front, sides and inside the opening of the box.

I covered the front oval shape and inside oval shapes with beautiful textured golden cloth and then put jewels on it. I made a flower out of orange tulle fabric and placed it inside the box with a jewel in the center of it. When I opened the box, the orange tulle jeweled flowering the center popped up!
The facilitator asked, “What shapes do you see on the box?” I said, oval she told me to look at the archetypal book by Carol Jung and referred me to the “Cosmic Egg.” The “Cosmic Egg” is the oval symbol for the feminine and masculine energies that unite and become perfection. I interpreted the meaning and message of the “Cosmic Egg” of my artwork to circumstances that applied in my life.
Being creative is not always about the product, it also about this process. Yes, creative people paint beautiful paintings, make wonderful music, create sculptures, architectural designs, and invent new ideas. The creative process, also allows for unconscious messages, insights and a new conscious awareness to take shape and have form.
In this experience, my body, mind, soul and spirit was immersed in the process. While focusing and creating art, I let go and became present in the moment. Focused on making art, and the process, my body relaxed, my mind was engaged on creating, enjoying, and having fun. In letting go of the outcome of these creative efforts, I felt a sense of freedom to move and be guided by my own flow and trust the process.
Being creative is our natural impulse as human beings. Let creative expression and art guide you to let go of stress during the holiday season. Stay focused on the intention of the holidays. Allow yourself to do something new that is more relaxing, adds fun, creativity, laughter. Trust in the creative process, to reduce stress. Let creativity guide you to fun steps to move through the holiday season.
Here are just some creative ways to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season:
1. Make holiday gifts
2. Mix and match the old traditions with something new
3. Bake holiday cookies, fudge, breads, desserts
4. Read holiday magazines and books full of crafty ideas for gifts
5. Color and scribble with your non-dominant hand OR with your eyes closed alone or with your family.
6. Play games, or build things with children.
7. Create a holiday collage with old magazines for strategizing achieving all your holiday gifts and goals
8. Create a holiday banner with paints, pastels, markers, or crayons for the family holiday.
9. What are changes you can make, to enliven and have fun with the family traditions?
10. Come up with new ideas and enjoy creativity as a new coping strategy for the holiday season. Dance through the holidays enjoying doodling, scribbling, painting, dancing, baking, cooking, building, creating new projects, experimenting with new ideas, fun, and the freedom to be in the creative moment!

Creating Who you are Through Dance

Every day we move, we dream, we think, and we change. We are not the same person as when we were a child or a teenager. As each year passes, we choose to participate in our growth and development or not.

We have the opportunity to become anew with each moment that we live.

Being present and in our bodies is one way to facilitate our awareness and growth. Moving creates energy in our bodies. The movement of energy created shifts and new physical and mental patterns. When we move in new ways, our brains create neural pathways and our bodies create new patterns as well. When we watch someone perform a new dance, our brains recreate the same neural passages as the person performing the action. This applies to all skills.

When we dance, we focus on being in our bodies. We are present in a sensory, mental and physical way. We are looking, listening, moving and tasting something new as we begin to move in new ways. We are also thinking about the instructions or the right way to do a certain step. The secret is to relax our minds and just be present in the movement and in our bodies. Relax and enjoy the movement of being free to move in new ways while having fun!

In creating your own dance, you are flowing with your own inspirations from within you. You do not have to know where or why or when these inspirations are moving in you- just allow yourself to move with them. This type of movement and dance is an opportunity for you to express the touches of your heart in a soulful way.

This is the spiritual component of dance as you become and dance from the inside out! In expressing yourself in new ways, you become someone new. You learn something new about who are and grow in the process.

Unlock Your Creativity!

5 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

We are all creative beings.  Some of us may have greater talents at expressing our creativity than others. Our creative expression may not be at the level of the great greats, such great artists as daVinci and Michelangelo, but never the less; we possess the ability to create. 

How can we tap into and expand on our creative ability? 

Create a New routine
Get out of your normal routine. Changing your everyday routine can enhance your creativity.
If you like to go to work a certain way, take a different route.  If you are a morning person and enjoy doing your most important tasks in the morning, do it in the evening.

Invite the element of Surprised
Surprise yourself and/or someone else each day.  Do something fun and out of the ordinary for you to do for yourself or someone else.  Do something new and fun each day!
Recharge Time Management
Improving you ability to maintain and manage your time can enhance your creative talents and ability.
Set aside a specific time for your creative time reduces stress and allows a space for your ideas to thrive and blossom.
Embrace Conflict
Embracing arguments and challenging others with different convictions sparks a d can lead to innovative and new ideas. In resolving the issue, you will be forced to find a solution and think outside of the box. Recognize the potential of the pressure to make sense of contradictions, instead of being stressed out about it.

Don’t Fear Background Noise
Research has found that a bit of noise can stimulate and enhance creativity. In order to promote divergent and abstract thinking, you need just the right amount of distraction, like quiet office music or in a café.

Let the Dance of Creativity Begin…

Let The Dance of Creativity Begin…
Let the dance of creativity and conscious awareness and flow and move together. Step, shift and move in a graceful way to the rhythms of the heart an let the dance begin!

Arielle Giordano
Creativity means to create and to cause to come into existence, to form out of nothing and to make something new, to originate.
Consciousness means the state of being conscious in the awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
Raising one’s consciousness is to increase one’s awareness and understanding of one’s own needs, behavior, attitudes

Being means the fact of existing; a state of existence

Being creative means existing in the state of creativity. Letting creativity flow from within and come into form in a dance, painting, a story an invention, sculpture, etc
It is knowing that creativity is our true nature. Expressing oneself in a creative way, allows for our true nature to be expressed. WE must first unblock and unlock its doors. This only comes with your agreement and permission. You must agree to clear and unblock and unlock the flood gates of your own inner creativity that exist naturally within you.

Creativity already exists it is just a matter of connecting to and with it. The body and mind exist as part of you and so does the creative energy. As creative beings we naturally have the ability to create. We only need to be aware creativity exists within and connect to tit Our connections and awareness of the creative powers that lie within may be expressed in a different way but all comes from the same source..

How do I unlock or unblock my creativity and creative powers within me? As children, we were naturally creative. We played with abandon without fear without judgment of ourselves or others. We lived a creative life. We were free to be our true selves our true nature. As we grew older and experienced life, we also experienced the pain of life. In our pain, we put barriers and walls up to protect ourselves from more pain. But in doing so, we blocked not only ourselves but also our creativity and expressive playful nature. We did not want to be vulnerable any more. So we gave it all up and closed all up in the process. Unblocking and unlocking creativity begins with the awareness and knowing that you are blocked and locked in the creative process. .The first step is allowing yourself to connect within to the deeper part of you. How do you connect with the deeper part of you? The answer is simple. All you need to do is to be aware that it exists and then you are there. Let your consciousness expand in the knowing that you can go within and you can connect with your own creativity and flow with the inner, deeper part of you.

Relax and be quiet for 5- 10 minutes every day. ( I prefer the morning- my consciousness is wide opened from sleeping in the deep all night)
Be aware
Listen within to the small voice
Do something fun every day.
Be playful
Do something new or do the same thing in a different way!
Do something that you enjoy
Let yourself be inspired
Give yourself permission to be free!
Open like a blossomed flower

Knowing the Delicate

Last night I had a conversation with someone who told me they were leaving town this weekend. Suddenly I felt a pierce and pan in my heart. I immediately withdrew from the conversation and got very quiet. This patter is my usual when I am in an upset with someone. I need to introspect and discover and ask myself why did this person telling me that he was going away for the weekend bother me.
Did he not consider me in his decision? Does he not understand my feelings? Did he not tell me in a way that I wanted to be told?

After much contemplation, I realized my own delicate vulnerability of heart. Really being with someone requires a delicate openness of heart. In the intimacy of this openness comes vulnerability. In vulnerability lies the possibility of hurt, upset and pain. Being vulnerable is being alive. If we are not fully open with another, we cannot be in the full experience and expression of being together.

Real life requires an openness of heart that is capable and able to fully experience life on all levels and in all ways. Being open and vulnerable means being willing to be intimate with ourselves and others and in our life.

I realized the real reason for being upset. The way communication is delivered can be very different. Sometimes with our realization, we can be harsh in the place we are coming from within.

This experience was an opening for me to know and see the delicate within. The knowledge that deep within ties a pure and delicate little self. This delicateness lives deep within me and although it is not of this world, the delicate must learn to live with and in it.

Love, cherish and honor the delicate and vulnerable within you.

Did you ever wonder why you love being with your women friends?

When we are with our friends, we share and keep each other’s secrets, bare you soul, boost each other’s confidence, care for each other’s young and inspire more of life’s adventures. Since the beginning of human cultures, women have bonded together for protection and mutual support. In, the earliest of matriarchal civilizations, women danced with love for each other in the birthing and healing process.

But, “girlfriend power” is beginning to touch upon the secrets of scientific discoveries! Our friendship’s not only protects us from life’s hardships but also lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity and promotes healing. This may even explain why women have lower rates of heart disease and higher life expectancies than men do.

In the times of stress, women tend to be more social with their friends. As compared to men who react to stress with a “fight or flight” reaction with aggression or withdrawal. However, friendships invite comfort and lessen the ill effects of stress. There is a sense of well-being with “girlfriends” even in the most difficult times in life.

Researchers believe that the hormone oxytocin, especially for women, is the elixir of health and well-being.

Present in men as well, oxytocin levels rise after childbirth and when nursing. But, ocytocin levels also rise in times of isolation and stress. And, when the hormone interacts with estrogen, studies have shown that it impels women to seek the company of others.

A woman’s social thermostat keeps track of how well social supports are going. When the thermostat reads to low, women seek the comfort of friends. In reaching out to others, women’s oxytocin levels rise again and with prolonged exposure, they enjoy a “calming, warm,” effect.
Are you ready for some “girlfriend power and love”??

Steps to Becoming to Being more in Charge in your Life

I have a few questions for you and then I will share some steps to being more present and take charge in your own life.

Are you a victim or a take charge person?

Do you feel empowered or disempowered in your life?

Would you like to change from being fully present and responsible in your life?

Life brings a cornucopia and variety of choices and experiences. We can relate and identify these as challenges or opportunities. Some experiences we like and some we dislike. Experiences can bring joy and fulfillment or they can bring pain and disappointment.

Interpreting our experiences can be with the freedom of choice. We can choose to perceive life experiences as a negative or positive, as a growth challenge, or choose to deny and ignore it.

Standing in our power means that we are aware of being fully responsible for our choices, experiences and lives. The empowering realization of truth lies in every situation and experience which has an element of goodness within it. Goodness comes in the form of a golden morsel of knowledge and truth.

Being responsible means being empowered in the way we live our lives. We can choose to live as a victim and have pity parties or we can choose to live in the aliveness of knowing that we are responsible
human beings. We are in control of our choices and our lives.

How do we move from the perspective of being a victim or living in our power?

We take baby steps in being responsible human beings. We know what is next for us. We know that we can choose to step into power and move in it. This many mean choosing something that we do not want to see happen or do not agree with or do not like. As empowered human beings, we make choices because we know it is the right and next step for us.
Yes, consequences incur we each choice. Yes, there is also a price we pay for all our choices whether we are aware of it or not. Every choice brings a consequence. We choose and we experience all of our choices and consequences.

How do we dance in being empowered and living life powerfully?
Steps on moving from being a victim to being a responsible and powerful human being:

Be Aware
Know that all of your life challenges, experiences and lessons you created in your life.

Be Responsible
Responsibility lies in the eye of the beholder. Know that you are
responsible for all of your experiences, choices and consequences.

Avoid the blame and shame game at all costs.

Know that there is no one to blame and this is not about feeling shame or playing games. It doesn’t help you anyway when you blame or feel shame. You are just using up valuable time and energy in your life which could be used in more productive ways.

Be proactive instead of reactive

Put yourself into your life instead of just letting life happen. Become an active part of your life. Do something each day to achieve a goal, solve a problem or resolve and issue etc.

Experience the power of you
Know that you are a powerful being. It is up to you to be in a power
balance. You do not want to abuse your power nor do you want to ignore it. Find your inner balance of power and choose to move forward in it.

Move Forward

Take steps each day toward letting go of your life as a victim and move forward in choosing powerfully. You don’t have to stay stuck in the same place unless you choose to do so. You do have a choice to take a step forward or stay where you are.

Love and enjoy living in the power of you!

Gratitude does not ask for more, Gratitude only gives more

Recently I had an eye opening experience regarding a new relationship. Being in a new relationship triggers new experiences. I began to see the depths of allowing myself to really be with someone. Seeing the real meaning of gratitude in being with another person no matter what experience, thought, fear, reaction, response or feeling they triggered inside me.
I got a taste of the true meaning of gratitude.

When moving in a space of gratitude, we are always giving thanks for what is present in each moment. Sometimes the moments are pleasant and sometimes the moments are not so pleasant.

Being grateful means, to enjoy each moment without a judgment, belief, interpretation, opinion, or our perceptions and assumptions about it. It exists without personal clutter. Clutter can be in the form of “our baggage” as contribution and input. The truth is to just let it be.

In letting it be, we get to totally be free to be in it. We allow ourselves to be in the moment. We get to see. We get to appreciate each moment being free to be in it. We enjoy gratitude, living in the freedom of being grateful for each moment.

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